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Laser welding

From automotive to aerospace – laser welding is suitable for many different areas of application. The technology offers decisive advantages in the production of medium and large batch sizes.

Laser welding: the technology

During laser welding, the laser heats the material to melting temperature. The beam is focused by means of optics. The weld seam is created by the relative motion between the laser beam and the workpiece.

To protect the weld surface against oxidation, argon is used as a shielding gas during the process.

Automated laser welding

KUKA provides individual solutions and all types of production technology for laser welding. This ranges from the modular robotic cell to the fully-automated system – also in conjunction with other joining technologies, such as bonding and sealing or spot welding.

A remote laser welding head, in combination with our robot controller, optimizes path configuration “on the fly”. The three-dimensional mobility of the laser beam increases utilization of the robot and minimizes the time between welds.

Shorter product life cycles are becoming ever more common in the age of Industrie 4.0. The KUKA flexibleCUBE laser is ideal for a dynamic production setting. The compact welding cell can be upgraded or converted in a very short space of time.

Laser welding: the advantages

The primary advantages of laser welding are:

  • Low unit costs thanks to high process speeds and reduced reworking
  • High degree of reliability due to non-contact, force-free processes and wear-free tools
  • Outstanding quality due to high welding depths and narrow seams

Overview of KUKA laser technologies

Laser technologies are used at KUKA for laser welding, laser cutting, laser brazing and laser hybrid welding.

Convert your production to the laser welding process. We will help you to find the right concept – give us a call.

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