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KUKA Education: know-how for the future

For up-and-coming skilled specialists, in-depth knowledge of robotics and automation is essential. KUKA Education gives school and university students the opportunity of practice-oriented training on industry-standard hardware and software. This can take the form of ready-to-use training cells or individually configured components for your own solutions. 

Hands-on robotics experience

KUKA Education offers robotic cells for vocational training. Educational institutions can provide their students with in-house access to the KUKA training cells. This enables the budding experts to acquire valuable basic knowledge of robotics and automation on site – practical and realistic expertise to supplement their theoretical education.

With the training materials available for this purpose, teachers and trainers can access the training materials that have been tried and tested for years at KUKA and get started with the training immediately.

Ready-to-use starter packs: the ideal learning opportunity for students and apprentices. Robots are constantly finding a growing number of new applications in non-production environments. Having grown up with the Internet, smartphones and tablets, the generation of digital natives take their increasingly digital everyday lives for granted. We aim to encourage this natural approach to the digital world and to familiarize young people with the potential of robotics at as early a stage as possible. In doing so, we breathe life into academic theory and initially promote practical competencies during education. With KUKA Education we make students fit for the markets of the future.

Customized solutions

The KUKA Education training cells are designed for self-contained operation. For customized solutions, integration into learning systems or retrofits in existing facilities, KUKA can also offer you a selection of components with the appropriate software, training and customer support, as required.

Directly after your successful registration you have access to numerous functions. After verification of your account, you will also receive company-specific information and benefits. This process serves the security of your individual login and can take a few days.

Are you interested in a training cell?

On request, we will happily offer you a product presentation and option packages for your individual requirements.

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