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 The KUKA.RoboSpin application software is an add-on package for the KUKA.ServoGun software that enables spot welding on aluminum components. With this application software, a rotational motion is executed about the TCP (tool center point) during the welding process. Adherence of the tips to the metal is prevented, thus ensuring improved weld quality and a longer tip life.

The KUKA.RoboSpin application software is the perfect extension to the KUKA.ServoGun technology package. With KUKA.RoboSpin, you can freely define the spin angle and the process time numerically or via teaching. The controller calculates the required spin velocity from these values. This enables the robot to rotate about the tool center point during welding.

The rotational motion makes the welding process more precise. Thanks to this KUKA-patented process, the typical adhesion effect on the tip when spot welding aluminum is eliminated, which not only reduces non-productive times for tip dressing but also minimizes tip wear.

Your advantages with KUKA.RoboSpin

Higher weld quality

The weld quality is improved due to the fact that the tip is integrated into the process. In addition, KUKA.RoboSpin is also able to handle sheet metal joints that are difficult to weld and coated panels with ease.

Efficient use of resources

The tip is protected against wear thanks to the improved welding process, resulting in a longer tip life. 

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