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KP3-V2MD three-axis positioner

The KP3-V2MD modular three-axis-positioner is used for the individual design of workpiece fixtures. It has a payload capacity of 2,000 kilograms per work station. 

Advantages of the KP3-V2MD three-axis positioner:

  • Modular unit:
    The integrated modular unit makes it possible to create an individual 2-station positioner.
  • Simple transportation:
    Integrated fork slots ensure simple transportation and straightforward integration into your installation.
  • Stiff design:
    The KP3-V2MD has been designed with particularly high stiffness so that it can move even heavy tool carriers and components into position with the utmost precision.
  • Hollow shafts in both face plates:
    Thanks to the hollow shafts integrated into the two face plates, energy and fluids can be supplied in a simple and flexible manner.

Data and variants of the KP3-V2MD positioner:

KP3-V2MD 2000
Rated payload, per side 2,000 kg
Pose repeatability <±0.03 mm
Turning range of axis 1 +/-185°
Turning range of axis 2/3
with energy supply system
Turning range of axis 2/3
without energy supply system
Turning time of axis 1 (180°/360°) 3.9 s / 6.7 s
Turning time of axis 2/3 (180°/360°) 3.3 s / 5.8 s
Max. loading height
880 mm

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