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Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details, and excellence will come!

Even the smallest of details can have a big impact, and that is certainly the case with KUKA’s new QR code feature that now appears on all of our new robot product labels.

01 June 2021

There are so many features and benefits of the KUKA industrial robot, so how do we ensure that you, our customers, can have access to all of the necessary documentation quickly and efficiently?

We put it in the cloud!

Accessing this documentation is so simple. All that is required is to scan the QR (quick response) code that can be found in the top right-hand corner of your robot’s label using your smartphone. This matrix bar code, as it is otherwise known, will direct you to KUKA Xpert, our cloud-based knowledge management tool; a digital knowledge database for all KUKA products, accessible at any time and from anywhere and on any device.

KUKA Xpert offers comprehensive technical information especially for service technicians, planners, programmers, operators, and commissioning engineers alike, empowering users to solve problems independently, source key product information, and most importantly save valuable time on tasks such as; commissioning, programming, maintenance, and conceptual design. The database is free to access* for all KUKA customers, and access using the dynamic QR code feature provides you with an instant link to the resource, which can be done in easy steps:


  • Scan the QR code using your smartphone/device
  • When prompted, follow the link to the KUKA Xpert platform
  • Log in to the platform using your credentials**
  • Using the search functionality in the left-hand menu, search across product, information type, and visibility categories for the information/resource that you require.



The QR code can be found on your KUKA robot label and, once scanned, will direct you to our online portal from where you are able to download all of the information that you might need...

From robots, controllers, data driven services and positioners, to news, service information and training, a plethora of assets awaits you, and as you become familiar with the platform landscape and the information that you require on a regular basis, create a collection of ‘favourites’ in one easy to access location, all relevant to you, your robot and your specific needs.

If the QR code feature does not appear on your KUKA robot model, don’t worry, the platform can still be accessed by following this link:

KUKA Xpert: concentrated and digitalized know-how about KUKA products in an easy to use, web-based application!


*Free access applied to initial 30-day free trial, after which subscription fees apply
**To gain access, please register your details when prompted