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Software technology package for simplified robot programming: KUKA.ready2_animate enables KUKA robots to execute animated motion profiles in a particularly simple way.

Software interface for simple robot animation – what is KUKA.ready2-animate?

Smoothness before speed: KUKA.ready2_animate ensures smooth and fluid robot movements wherever they are needed – especially in robot-based rides or special effects with robots for the stage.

Software technology – how does KUKA.ready2_animate work?

The preconfigured KUKA.ready2_animate interface is based on time-based programming of the robot movement. Individual axis values determine the robot position precisely and unambiguously at any moment – both for classic industrial robots and for special robots for passenger operation.

  • Create motion profile with software

    Generate robot motion profiles with intuitive software such as Autodesk MAYA® or Take4D Virtual Studio

  • Read data into robot controller

    Export the data to a Motion Path Table and transfer it to the robot controller

  • Have robot movements carried out

    Let the robot perform the desired motion profile

Robot animation: simply animate robot movements instead of programming with KUKA.ready2_animate

With KUKA.ready2_animate, precise robot movements can be easily and precisely synchronized.

Các ưu điểm

Easy synchronization

With KUKA.ready2_animate, several technologies can be easily combined and synchronized with one another – e.g. music and images or even several robots.

Stepless adjustment

The robot speed can be infinitely adjusted by means of an external clock and can even be driven backwards.

Smooth robot movements

Robot movements can be implemented smoothly and smoothly - without complicated filters from robot programming in KRL.

Intuitive robot animation

Thanks to compatibility with intuitive software (e.g. Autodesk MAYA®, Take4D Virtual Studio) and plug-ins (RobotAnimator®, Autodesk Mimic®), robots can be animated without the need for training.

Animation software for stage effects with robots

KUKA.ready2_animate is the ideal basis for implementing impressive show effects with KUKA robots. Attach a wide variety of objects to the robot and use the software to coordinate its movements as required, e.g:

  • moving screens
  • moving mirrors or reflectors
  • moving props like e.g. artificial dragon heads
Robots and KUKA.ready2_animate are used to create impressive stage sets.

Technologies perfectly synchronized: animated motion profiles for ride attractions with robots

With the KUKA.ready2_animate interface, robot-based rides of all kinds can be easily implemented: Animate the robot movements and adapt them exactly to the environment and additional effects, e.g. by adding:

  • Dark Rides
  • VR simulators

    An important safety advantage: thanks to KUKA.ready2_animate, the position of the robot is known at all times. This makes it possible to react directly to even the smallest deviations from the path.
Rides with animated KUKA passenger robots guarantee unique driving experiences.
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