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The KUKA.EqualizingTech software is an additional option for the ServoGun technology package. It enables compensation of the servo spot weld gun through robot motion. Thanks to the software, you no longer require a gun compensation system.

KUKA.EqualizingTech is a software add-on for KUKA.ServoGun and accomplishes the conventional mechanical compensation functions for the weld gun through robot motion, allowing for position compensation irrespective of the gun orientation. This offers you a significant advantage compared to conventional gun compensation systems that are dependent on gravity.

KUKA.Equalizing supports the correct positioning of the weld gun relative to the component by means of robot motion. This also allows for the use of robot motion to compensate for the position deviations which occur due to flexion of the weld gun arm, electrode tip wear or deviations in the component position. The compensation achieved using KUKA.EqualizingTech reduces the residual forces acting on the workpiece.

Your advantages with KUKA.EqualizingTech

Maintenance and costs

The complicated commissioning required for pneumatic compensation systems can be eliminated through use of the application software. The elimination of conventional components in the compensation system through KUKA.EqualizingTech also saves you investment costs and reduces maintenance requirements


No additional elements required

Thanks to the KUKA.EqualizingTech software, additional components (such as linear bearings, support brackets or valves, pressure reducers and hoses) can be dispensed with. Sensors, electrical control systems and a compressed air infrastructure are also no longer required.

Weight reduction

The use of KUKA.EqualizingTech substantially reduces the overall weight (compared to conventional spot weld guns) by up to 20 percent.

System requirements for KUKA.EqualizingTech

The system requirements for use of the KUKA.EqualizingTech application software are as follows:

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