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KUKA.TouchSense is our seam search application specially adapted to arc welding applications. This application makes it possible to detect and compensate for deviations in the shape or position of workpieces so that the motion path on the workpiece corresponds exactly to the master contour.

Function of KUKA.TouchSense software

KUKA.TouchSense is a software technology package that can optionally be added to the KR C4 controller. It enables a KUKA robot to locate parts or seams using the welding torch or an external sensor. The necessary functions, status keys and inline forms for programming are made available to the user. Through the flexible connection of various sensors, KUKA.TouchSense can be used for arc welding as well as for other applications such as palletizing.

The programming of searches and corrections is extremely simple. The corrections are calculated using the comparative measurement of a taught master part and can contain linear and rotational offsets. Using the Fast Measurement inputs on the KR C4 controller also enables the search to be carried out at high speeds with maximum accuracy in the measurement results. This reduces unproductive time for search runs to a minimum in order to ensure the robotic system’s highest levels of productivity.

Support of numerous sensor variants

Up to four sensors can be supported simultaneously, including these variants:

  • Wire tip as a sensor
  • Gas nozzle as a sensor
  • Laser point sensor
  • Mechanical probe
  • Light barriers
Sensoren bei KUKA.TouchSense
KUKA.TouchSense enables the use of a wide variety of sensors.

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