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Customer-specific positioners for greater versatility

Do you have special payload capacity requirements or need a special design? In addition to standardized positioning units, KUKA also offers a uniquely wide range of process- and customer-oriented workpiece and robot positioning units from a single source.

Customer-specific positioners for high payloads

With the KUKA solutions for payloads of up to five tonnes, positioners can move even the largest parts simply, quickly and precisely. Like the standardized KUKA positioning units, the workpiece- and fixture-optimized positioners for heavy loads are fully integrated into the robot controller as external robot axes. The robot-guided tool enables exact, mathematically coupled motion of the KUKA positioners.
Positioners for high payloads

Flexible multi-station positioners

Depending on the requirements of the production task, the modular structure of the KUKA positioning units enables the implementation of flexible multi-station positioners with service-proven KUKA standards. Hollow shaft gear units, integrated and protected energy supply systems and motor cables ensure the required process reliability – even in the case of applications with high requirements, such as welding. In this way, flexibility and system availability are guaranteed with our customer-specific positioners. Plug-and-play control is assured using the robot controller and configuration via predefined catalogs.
Four-station positioners

Robot positioners: for ideal accessibility without downtime

Particularly in the case of complex manufacturing tasks, such as the welding of large workpieces, it is often necessary and efficient not only to position the workpiece, but also to move the robot. This extends the robot’s working range and radius of motion, thereby improving accessibility and enabling a change between different workstations without downtimes. The KUKA robot positioners are characterized by their reduced space requirements and the associated lower investment costs compared with conventional linear tracks for robots.

Customer-specific positioners for special designs

In addition to conventional positioning units for workpieces, KUKA has a wealth of experience in the use of special designs. In the fields of yellow and green goods or rail vehicle construction, it is often necessary to move very large and bulky components into the right position. When it comes to meeting the requirements of our customers, everything turns out right with solutions from KUKA.
Positioning unit for turning the side panels of a goods wagon