KR 6

The KR 6 is a truly masterful mover – and our smallest robot for low payloads. With its compact dimensions, it enables cost- and space-saving cell concepts for a variety of applications.

It can handle a payload of six kilograms with a reach of 1,611 millimeters. That enables you to realize space-saving cell concepts as the KR 6 can be installed in a variety of mounting positions. No matter whether on the ceiling, floor or wall – the KR 6 adapts to your needs and guarantees consistent top results through its outstanding reach capability. 

On the basis of the KR 6, KUKA has developed a completely new robot in the low payload category, namely the KR CYBERTECH nano. It is our industrial robot with unbeatable pose repeatability and the additional option of installation at any angle.


Long reach

Thanks to its streamlined design, the KR 6 works with utmost reliability even in confined spaces. It can be mounted in variable positions and can thus reach even the most remote corners. 

Incredibly versatile

The KR 6 is available in numerous variations that you can flexibly match to your application. Its versatility makes it suitable for an extremely wide range of applications.

Minimal maintenance

Over 15,000 robots sold bear testimony to the dependability of the KR 6. It keeps maintenance and servicing costs low due to its robust design.

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