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Automation in the electronics industry

With many years of experience and more than 13,000 installed robots in the electronics industry, KUKA supplies cost-effective, reliable and flexible solutions for electronics products manufacturing.

Robotics for electronics manufacturing: Perfectly adapted to market requirements

In view of the increasing demand for electronic devices and the growing shortage of skilled workers, the automation of electronics manufacturing processes is indispensable. By using robots, production processes can be adapted both flexibly and easily to meet the rapid changes in the market.

Together with our partners, we develop agile automation solutions that are perfectly tailored to key industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, automotive electronics and the 3C entertainment industry. Our robots are specially designed for clean and dry rooms, are ESD-protected as standard, and offer a high standard for handling sensitive electronics. The compact yet high-performance KR C5 micro small robot controller enables our robots to be optimally integrated, even in small spaces, offering our customers maximum flexibility.

Advantages of smart electronics production with KUKA:

  • Certified robotics

    • Industrial robots of all payload classes and cobots
    • Autonomous mobile solutions (AMR)
    • Cleanroom robots
    • Dry room robots
    • ESD-protected as standard
    • Special paint finish for “ESD+” standard
  • Global all-round service

    • 24-hour support
    • Broad-based e-service
    • Worldwide network of certified system partners
    • Feasibility studies and test set-ups
    • Maintenance and refurbishment packages
  • Innovative technology

    • Programming by drag-and-drop
    • Simple manual robot guidance
    • Quick to start-up
    • Flexible conversion and reprogramming
    • Wide range of grippers and accessories
    • High availability: 99.995%
  • Powerful software

    • Ready-made application software
    • Cloud-based IIoT platform
    • Software for offline programming, robot simulation and virtual start-up
    • Safe interaction between humans and machines

Comprehensive industry expertise

Production of electronic components for the automotive industry

Redefining mobility

The links between the automotive and electronics industries are steadily increasing, and KUKA has many years of expertise in both industries. By using our compact industrial robots and cobots, we are able to offer a modular design concept in manufacturing to easily respond to changing market conditions. The “ESD+” special paint finish protects sensitive electronic components from damage, such as in manufacturing supercomputers.


We optimize the product portfolio to the specific conditions that must be met when manufacturing electronic components for the automotive industry. The small compact robots work in confined spaces with maximum speed and precision.

E-book: Opportunities through automation 

How the production of electronic components for the automotive industry is taking off

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Discover how industrial robots and cobots are driving electromobility.

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Semiconductors in the electrical and electronics industry

Small chips that make a big impact

In semiconductor production, it is essential to have the cleanest possible environment to ensure that the wafers are of the highest quality and have a long service life. Our cleanroom robots combine extreme agility, first-class quality and maximum precision with the shortest cycle times. Industrial robots, cobots and mobile platforms emit a minimal amount of particles in the process.

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Cleanroom version of sensitive lightweight robots support the company Infineon Technologies Austria AG during chip production. The cobots master the handling of delicate silicon wafers in a category 1 cleanroom environment.

E-book: Next-level automation with KUKA robotics for cleanrooms

Read more about the future of semiconductor fabrication in the free e-book

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The 3C industry – Computers, Communication and Consumer Electronics

Competitive electronics production

Development cycles in the 3C industry, which also includes laptops, cell phones and smart watches, are short. Changes occur practically overnight. We offer robots and cobots that are designed for these specific requirements so that high-quality products can be manufactured in particularly short cycle times. Another advantage is that the systems can be easily expanded or converted and reprogrammed whenever there is a product change, so that the systems are ready for operation again in next to no time.

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Compact SCARA robots can be easily integrated into existing systems and facilitate short cycle times, such as in pick & place applications and the configuration of printed circuit boards.

Greater efficiency in the white goods industry

Automated manufacturing of household appliances

Producing household appliances quickly and cost-effectively is a challenge at a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers. Many of the tasks involved are physically demanding, monotonous and challenging for human workers. Our robots can even take on demanding tasks such as overhead assembly or the handling of heavy equipment parts, taking the strain off people and ensuring cost-efficient production.

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This collaborative robot has taken on an unergonomic task at the company “BSH Hausgeräte” in Dillingen: It is screwing pump pots into dishwasher rinse tanks. The cobot documents each work step and indicates when a screw connection has been successfully completed.

Automating the battery production process from the individual cell right through to recycling

Cells, modules, packs – in full control of everything

As battery production involves many physically demanding process steps, such as handling heavy components or handling substances that are hazardous to health, automation is beneficial for companies. Our robots are characterized by their tremendous precision and repeatability, which is crucial for increasing throughput in battery production. At KUKA, not only will you find the right robots and comprehensive automation solutions, you will also find experts who will provide you with expert advice, engineering and service.


Two welding robots connect the modules of the high-voltage battery, taking the safety and efficiency of battery production to a new level.

E-book: Opportunities through automation 

How the production of electronic components for the automotive industry is taking off

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Discover how industrial robots and cobots are driving electromobility.

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The perfect solution for every requirement

Select the right robot arm for your workspace

Loading and assembly in the electronics industry: fast and with millimeter precision

The KR 3 AGILUS is fast, agile and flexible – ideal for sensitive assembly in the electronics industry.

Need help choosing the right kinematic system?

Our experts will be happy to advise you and work with you to find a solution tailored to your needs. In the Application & Tech Centers, we support you from the outset together with our system partners using feasibility studies, test setups and simulations.