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KUKA spare parts: we’ve got a lot in store for you

Even the tiniest of parts can have a huge impact if they no longer work correctly. Take advantage of our fast and comprehensive 24-hour spare parts supply service and keep your downtimes to a minimum.

KUKA original parts for the best possible performance – available worldwide and close to hand

Our spare parts are tailor-made to function flawlessly in our robots, cells and systems and meet the highest quality requirements.

Our spare parts service is able to guarantee the international supply of spare parts and ensure the process reliability of your systems. Within Europe, the parts you require will be delivered to you within 24 hours on weekdays. Every KUKA service center stocks a comprehensive range of original spare parts for KUKA Robotics, Systems and Industries (Reis) products.
This means that your spare parts are already on site while our competitors are still ordering.

On request, KUKA can provide exchange deliveries driven by state-of-the-art logistics to ensure the fastest possible exchange. This prevents costly downtimes. Another plus point: KUKA guarantees the availability of standard spare parts for at least ten years.

Order spare parts online

3% discount on spare parts when ordering via my.KUKA Marketplace!

Performance features at a glance

  • 24-hour service
  • Exchange & repair service
  • State-of-the-art logistics
  • Repair or overhaul of parts sent to us

You will always receive your original KUKA spare parts quickly and reliably.

If, in the event of a repair or malfunction, or when stocking up on spare parts, you are not sure which parts you require, give us a call. Our experts will help you in a quick and purposeful manner.

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