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The new masters of speed

KUKA expands its expertise in the field of small robots with the KR AGILUS

May 23, 2012

Augsburg/Munich, May 2012 – KUKA Roboter GmbH presents a new small robot family: the KR AGILUS robot series. The agile KR AGILUS is showing itself to be the all-rounder for small spaces in all environments. The new compact member of the KUKA robot family is characterized by its speed, short cycle times and high level of precision and safety.

Fast all-rounder

Compact, precise, agile and fast: the robots of the KR AGILUS series are the new masters of speed. When it comes to handling tasks, especially Pick&Place, the KR AGILUS offers impressive results combined with minimized cycle times. At the same time, the small robot family works with great precision, enabling manufacturing quality of the highest quality. Its speed and accuracy make the performance of the KR AGILUS unique in its payload category. The basic model, KR 6 R900 sixx, weighing 51 kilo-grams, can carry a maximum payload of 6 kilograms. The KR AGILUS is predestined for operation in general industry; wherever automation with low payloads is required, such as in the fields of packaging or electronics, the new KUKA small robot is the right machine for the job. In the coming months, it will be followed by further payload variants in the Standard, Food, Cleanroom and Waterproof versions.

Full function in minimum space

The energy supply system of the KR AGILUS is integrated into the robot to save space and includes a 100 Mbit Ethernet cable, three 5/2-way valves (compressed air), a direct air hose, six digital inputs and two digital outputs. The KR 6 R900 sixx can reach points both near the robot base and also in the overhead area. Its maximum reach is 901 mm.  It is not only the ideal combination of size, maneuverability and reach that enable it to adapt to confined spaces, but also the fact that it can perform its tasks as a floor, ceiling or wall-mounted robot. Utmost flexibility even in small workspaces – no problem for the KR AGILUS!

Compact controller and high flexibility

Like its larger counterparts in the QUANTEC series, the KR AGILUS is operated with the universal KR C4 controller technology – in a compact version that packs the performance capability of the service-proven KR C4 into a small space. With its open architecture, the KR C4 compact can control not only KUKA robots, but also external axes, for maximum flexibility, scalability, performance and openness, in minimum space. The robust, high-quality controller is designed for low maintenance and optimized energy efficiency.

Safe human-robot cooperation

While the KR AGILUS may be small, safety is writ large. It is the only robot in its class to operate with the KUKA SafeOperation function, greatly simplifying and improving human-robot cooperation. The software and hardware components of KUKA.SafeOperation monitor velocities and workspaces of both robot and external axes. This dispenses with the need for mechanical axis range monitoring systems and opens up new, cost-effective options for cell configuration and human-robot interaction.
Speed, flexibility, simplicity and safety are the central pillars of successful automation solutions. With the KR AGILUS – the latest member of the KUKA Roboter GmbH family – these principles are now also successfully implemented in the small robot sector.