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KUKA at CIIF: Leading in Industrial Intelligence

Shanghai - The 21st China International Industry Fair (CIIF) is scheduled to take place at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) during September 17-21, 2019. At Booth E025 in Hall 8.1H, KUKA is ready to showcase a series of digital and intelligent robot products and application solutions! As always, KUKA makes your life and work easier through its constant commitment to helping customers achieve their optimal value with a complete set of automation and digital solutions!

September 17, 2019

New product release: Our champion goes digital

KUKA’s new generation of the KR QUANTEC is to debut at the CIIF this year, with payload capacities ranging from 120 to 300 kg and reaches from 2,700 to 3,900 mm. In the high payload category, the robot offers the largest portfolio on the market in terms of payload capacity and reach.

As world’s first industrial robot to have digital Motion Modes, KR QUANTEC has set up the next milestone for future production. This flexible production assistant of KUKA can be perfectly adapted to almost all market segments - from the automotive industry to foundry and healthcare.

Our new champion: KR QUANTEC

Assembly, loading and inspection more efficient and precise

The rapidly changing market necessitates the unceasing improvement of precision and efficiency in production. To this end, KUKA has introduced automation solutions to help build a smart factory production line that aligns with Industry 4.0.

Power Bank Assembly Line

This fully automated production system integrates KUKA’s automation equipment such as 6-axis nano robots, 4-axis SCARA robots and KMP AGV. Intelligent logistics of AGV, fast visual recognition, fast pick-and-place, flexible assembly... these modular workstations, upon the application of FlexCube, constitute a mini unmanned smart factory.

Cell Loading and Inspection Solution

The combination of KUKA robots and Schunk smart grippers makes it easy to detect cell thickness, width, OCV and DCIR. The smart grippers are equipped with a variety of sensors required for multiple detections during the process of cell loading. The modules in grippers are independent of each other for convenient repair and replacement.

From grinding to gluing: Mature solutions for higher convenience

KUKA provides highly relevant ready2_use application packages and software packages for grinding, gluing and many other processes. ready2_use solutions are pre-configured and coordinated application packages that have been assembled, documented, and tested. The solutions can be easily and quickly integrated in existing production environments, agilely saving troubles for customers.

Programming-free Robotic Grinding

KUKA_ready2_EasyGrind has led in a subversion by integrating 3D vision and constant force control technology in one system. It automatically generates robotic grinding motions on a curved surface without programming or CAD models, an ideal choice for automotive, electronics, metal processing, plastics and healthcare industries.

Weld Seam Removal

KUKA_ready2_weld_seam_removal features a floating ability with axial constant force, and can sense parameters such as grinding force, floating position and grinding head posture in real time, so as to realize the automatic compensation of robot posture.

It also comes with the industrial patented double tool heads for both milling and grinding, and is applicable to weld seams of any thickness. With it, weld seams are removed by one move only, easy and efficient.

3D Sole Cementing

KUKA_ready2_shoe_sole_cementing is a robotic automated glue spraying system that helps shoemaking customers overcome the difficulties in sole cementing. Easy-to-use, highly flexible, the solution integrates a 3D vision system with high stability, which can automatically generate cementing trajectories based on point cloud data by scanning a single sole for once only.


For higher convenience in customer applications, KUKA has also launched special software packages for polishing and gluing – KUKA.Polishing and KUKA.Gluing, both providing configurations based on the KSS operating system and are designed for the electronics industry and general industrial customers. Users may visualize the effects with the help of KUKA’s simulation software SIM PRO.

Versatile welding expert for lower costs and higher efficiency

With extensive experience in the field of welding, KUKA provides customers with a complete range of process-reliable solutions to help optimize processes and increase cost-effectiveness.

Spot Welding

The automotive industry and general manufacturing sector are now faced with low automation in fasteners (nuts, studs) welding, leading to problems such as high labor intensity and low accuracy. KUKA is demonstrating the advanced fastener fixing process with the new generation of the KR QUANTEC, highlighting its advantages in spot welding.

At the same time, the optimized control and electrical solutions developed by KUKA offer advantages such as low labor input, automatic material separation, and single-point efficiency of 3 seconds/point, which greatly reduces CTU.

Spot Welding

Friction Stir Welding

KUKA’s robotic friction stir welding solution features small space occupation and large working area. As the working range can be extended by external axes, welding can cover most positions within the programmable range of robots.

With its help, constant pressure control and static shaft shoulder technology are easily enabled, and so is the integration with external automation units.

Friction Stir Welding

KUKA LBR Med: A reliable and professional partner for the medical sector

As part of numerous medical products KUKA´s LBR Med plays a powerful role in a variety of scenarios in the medical industry, improving surgical precision and treatment efficiency. For example, the highly developed controller enables precise operation while taking into account laparoscopic motions. Thanks to its stable design and construction, as well as its high stiffness, medical products equipped with LBR Med are suitable for bone surgery.

Sensitive technology and safe human-robot collaboration are the domain of the LBR Med. It can react to its surroundings both interactively with the physician and via telemanipulation, making it a decent choice in ultrasound diagnostics.


Sensitive robotics with the KUKA LBR Med

As the most influential international industrial exhibition in China's equipment manufacturing industry, CIIF is an important show window for enterprises and a platform for economic and trade exchanges and cooperation. This year, KUKA is to demonstrate all its robust technologies and applications, as well as the technological automation changes brought to different sectors.

Facing the future, KUKA will continue to target the precise needs of electronics, automotive, healthcare and other industries and offer smart solutions with higher flexibility, so that customers from all walks of life could embrace new leaps in the trend of automation.