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KUKA’s portfolio sterker maken

Making the world strongest robotics portfolio even stronger

As one of the global leaders in robotics and human-robot collaboration, KUKA will take its customers to a new level of automation. KUKA’s goal: make automated production as easy and intuitive as using a smartphone – and thus encourage more and more customers to integrate automation in their special field of activity. Therefore, the new iiQKA.OS and iiQKA Ecosystem will be particularly attractive for customers who have had no need for classic industrial robots up to now. 

With its scalable and future-proof Ecosystem, KUKA brings its expertise to all kinds of areas, for example e-mobility, electronics or cleanroom applications, in which automation plays a prominent role. And no matter where and when it will be put to use: the iiQKA Ecosystem will offer a large amount of applications, functionalities and services that will make the broad portfolio of KUKA hardware, on which it is offered, the most flexible and powerful in the world of automation.

KUKA industrial robots based on the new operating system iiQKA.OS

At the moment, the Cobot LBR iisy runs on the new iiQKA.OS operating system. In the future we will offer further KUKA industrial robots based on the new intuitive iiQKA.OS. On this website we will inform you about all new KUKA industrial robots that will run on the new operating system in the future.

New KUKA industrial robots based on KUKA operating system KSS


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