KUKA cell4_die-casting

With the cell4_die-casting cell, KUKA offers you a modular, fully automatic cell concept that is ideal for custom-tailored automation in the foundry industry

KUKA cell4_die-casting cell: utmost efficiency at every step

The KUKA die-casting cell is operational in next to no time thanks to perfectly coordinated components, defined interfaces and tried-and-tested processes. Available in a wide range of variants that can be freely combined, the casting cell can be adapted flexibly to all tasks in the field of die casting – from unloading the die-casting machine to cooling and deburring the workpieces.

With the cell4_die-casting cell, KUKA delivers everything from a single source

The fully automatic die-casting cell can be optimally integrated. KUKA experts provide you with support throughout the entire process – from planning through to servicing.

  • Simple integration

    • Short installation times at the customer’s site
    • Simple integration of fixtures
    • Offline programming with KUKA.Sim
  • Flexible cell design

    • Integrated, modular cell concept, dimensioned according to the size of the die-casting machine
    • Extensive range of components
    • Ready-made modules for short implementation times
  • Best service

    • 24-hour hotline and remote support
    • Global spare parts and service support
    • Service agreements and maintenance
    • Role-specific training courses
  • Ready for IIoT

    • Web access to operating data
    • Web access to dashboards
    • Quality assurance by means of flexible process data monitoring 

We support you in planning and offer flexible financing models

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The KUKA casting cell offers a broad application spectrum through preconfigured variants

The fully automatic die-casting cell can be equipped with various modules, as well as hardware and software options, providing a custom-tailored solution for your production facility.
Preferred configuration:
cell4_die casting 08 10 13 16 19 22
Robot KR IONTEC (KR 50 R2500 F) KR QUANTEC (KR 120 R3100 F)
Gripper M L XL
Trimming press SEP08‑05  SEP10‑07  SEP13‑07 
SEP16‑10 SKT
SEP19‑12 SEP22‑12 
SEP22‑12 SKT
Part unloading Unloading Unloading / robot  Robot
Immersion cooling basin TKB M TKB L TKB XL
Marking Dot peen / laser marking unit
Offloading chute
1000 mm 1200 mm 1500 mm 2000 mm
Part sensor
Part sensor
Disposal of trimmed material
Trimmed burr box / burr conveyor

Box S

Box M Box L Burr conveyor

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