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The right laser optics for every task

Compact, robust, flexible – our components for laser welding are made for the toughest conditions in industrial applications. For you this means: outstanding functionality combined with an automation-optimized design.

From individual components to cells or systems – KUKA offers the right solution to efficiently perform complex welding processes. This also encompasses the corresponding laser processing optics, of course. Our product range includes welding optics and powder optics. We develop and manufacture these in-house. This allows us to optimally adapt them to your application – in conjunction with our kinematic systems. The laser optics showcase their advantages in our KS HybridTec end effector, for example: the compact welding head was specially developed for laser hybrid welding.

All KUKA laser processing optics are compatible with various handling systems – including robots, gantry systems and special kinematic systems.

Laser cladding with the modular welding optics

The compact MWO-I Powder welding optics are specially designed for laser cladding with powder additives. They are based on the modular welding optics (MWO), a compact and functional modular optical system. This makes it easier to adjust the optics precisely to your application and process requirements.

  • Suitable for: repairs, wear and corrosion protection cladding, and the production of 3D components (additive manufacturing)
  • Additional features: variant with coaxial nozzle or three-jet nozzle, optionally available with camera, crosshair generator and internal lighting (facilitates programming)
  • Your advantage: different track widths can be configured with the manual or motorized collimation adjustment and various lens configurations. Thus, the supplied powder is optimally used – for maximum efficiency.
The compact MWO-I Powder is used primarily in mechanical engineering, toolmaking, aircraft and vehicle engine construction.

Variable track widths for laser cladding

The motorized powder zoom optics have been developed in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology, based on a joint patent. It allows variable track widths with a constant tool center point.

  • Suitable for: beam sources from 900 nanometers to 1,080 nanometers and a laser power of four kilowatts
  • Additional features: zoom system with motorized lens package adjustment, variant with coaxial nozzle or three-jet nozzle for flexible layer thicknesses
  • Your advantage: the beam diameter can be adapted continuously during processing via a movable lens group. This means that no complex setup work is required: the working distance from the optics to the workpiece remains unchanged during processing.
Using the appropriate nozzle, it is possible to apply very fine (powder focus ≥ 0.4 mm) and very thick layers.

KS HybridTec: the best of two welding worlds

The KS HybridTec was developed specifically for laser hybrid welding: It allows you to take full advantage of laser welding and arc welding. Do you have special requirements for the process and seam? The weld head can be accurately adapted – thanks to the flexible design, the newest sensor technology and just the right software package. The basic version includes laser optics with a programmable focal length. The end effector can be combined with other optics if needed.

  • Suitable for: all solid-state lasers such as disc lasers, fiber lasers, or diode lasers and plate thicknesses from two to 20 millimeters.
  • Additional features: process monitoring camera, optical and tactile seam tracking, linear slide for alignment of the optics, KUKA tool changer
  • Your advantage: the end effector was designed specifically for hybrid laser technology. This allows you to take full advantage of this high-performance process.
The KUKA KS HybridTec end effector allows you to optimally benefit from the advantages offered by laser and arc welding. 

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