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KUKA at K 2022: 3D print, digitalization and much more

At K 2022 in Düsseldorf, you can experience how KUKA is advancing the plastics industry. From October 19 to 26, trade fair visitors will witness two 3D printing premieres as well as get to know robots, software and complete automation solutions. All matching the KUKA trade fair motto: "industrial intelligence in automation_products and expertise for your efficient plastics production".

KUKA at K 2022: Smart robotics for plastics and rubber industry

Ricarda Weißenhorn and Steffen Günther are talking about KUKA's highlights at K 2022.

Learn about circular economy, digitalization, climate protection – and KUKA’s contribution

K is considered the world's most important trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. This year, its focus is on the circular economy, digitalization and climate protection. Visitors will learn how KUKA helps companies increase productivity while reducing their carbon footprint. At booth B54 in Hall 12, you can experience which robots, software and complete automation solutions are already standing the test and which ones can advance the industry in the future.

KUKA Highlights at K 2022

Experience robots in action   KUKA software for the plastics industry
• Large-scale 3D printing: additive manufacturing with the KR IONTEC KUKA.PLC mxAutomation for the smooth integration of KUKA robots into your system
 • Configure and program the LBR iisy series with iiQKA within minutes and discover the new versions: LBR iisy 11 and 15 • The iiQKA Ecosystem, based on the iiQKA.OS operating system, for updates, upgrades and for fast, custom-fit expansion with a wide range of components 
 • The new conveyor system for small components tFeeder C500 with KR SCARA and additively manufactured components • The simulation software KUKA.Sim, which brings robot applications to life with a digital twin before commissioning

KUKA live at K 2022

Secure your ticket for K 2022 now and come to Messe Düsseldorf! We look forward to meeting you at booth B54 in hall 12 between October 19 and 26, 2022.
Watch, listen and have fun with the show cell club_KUKA at K 2022.

Party with club_KUKA

Experience the show cell club_KUKA with the band called Kjays. A KR AGILUS at the drums loops their beats and sets the pace. The KR CYBERTECH nano is the nimble DJ with rhythm in his blood. In addition, a KR AGILUS performs as a light artist and enchants with soft and expansive movements. And this band would be incomplete without a LBR iiwa, which – mounted on the ceiling – keeps an eye on the unusual robot party. Have fun watching and celebrating!

KUKA robots and 3D printing – a good match!

In a process cell on "Additive Manufacturing from KUKA", a KR IONTEC demonstrates how a robot can excel in 3D printing of large plastic components. The required extruder is attached to the robot as an end-of-arm tool, so components up to one cubic meter in size can be printed. Customers find it convenient that robot programming here also works with standard programming systems such as CAD/CAM and SLICER.

3D printing at its best: be there when the KR IONTEC produces large plastic components to measure.

Automated small parts handling at a new level

With additively manufactured components, the tFeeder C500 sorting system works quickly and precisely. It uses the capabilities of KR SCARA and 3D printing for flexible small parts conveying. The system works like this: All small parts are transported from a bunker via a screw conveyor, pre-separated and deposited on a turntable. While the parts are still in motion, the vision system detects their position and passes it on to the KR SCARA. So the robot can remove the parts quickly and precisely and feed them in the defined position for further processing. Incorrectly oriented parts are not lost, but returned to the bunker. The sorting system tFeeder C500 was developed by the Grafenau-based company thinkTEC, which is already active in the field of end-of-arm tooling.

The tfeeder C500 uses the KR SCARA and additively manufactured components. 

Strong support for production: KUKA.PLC mxAutomation

With the KUKA.PLC mxAutomation control software, external controllers can command KUKA robots with all the basic motion commands. In other words, robot and machine controllers merge. This makes it possible to integrate KUKA robots effortlessly into existing operating concepts. The connection to KUKA.ConveyorTech also enables robots to grip moving components.

KUKA.PLC mxAutomation makes it easy for operators to program and integrate KUKA robots. Robot and machine controllers merge.

More possibilities thanks to digitalization with KUKA

Also on display at K are KUKA's many developments that are driving digitalization. For example, the new iiQKA.OS operating system with its digital ecosystem, which allows for rapid deployment of updates and upgrades and quickly offers the customer or integrator matching components such as grippers or cameras. How this can be used to program and commission a cobot at lightning speed will be demonstrated at K with the help of the LBR iisy. Trying out human-robot collaboration with the LBR iisy was already one of the highlights for visitors at automatica in June 2022. A growing global network of automation suppliers, robotics experts, and software and process developers is working on iiQKA.OS to further improve its efficiency. The LBR iisy is now available in three sizes and ranges – get to know them!

Ready for commissioning as fast as lightning, offering precise and reliable support with pick-and-place: KUKA’s cobot LBR iisy.

Bringing robot applications to life virtually

Trade fair visitors can also experience how the KUKA.Sim simulation software brings robotic applications to life virtually, even before the system is up and running. This allows cycle times to be checked and optimized remotely, for example. Of course, at the KUKA booth at K you will also have the opportunity to request individual offers for your company and have automation solutions tailored to your needs. The team of experts is looking forward to meeting you!

Experience at our booth at K how we can advance your company. Be it in terms of additive manufacturing, be it in terms of digitalization, climate friendliness or a higher productivity. And it's all easy to use, easy to program. Visit KUKA at K and find out what we can do for your company!

Steffen Günther, Global Business Development Manager – Plastics Industry and Machine Tool Automation (PMA), KUKA Deutschland GmbH