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For the winter months: KUKA robots move into Augsburg City Hall as puppeteers

A very special transport at the town hall square: the robots "Mario" and "Nette" from the automation group KUKA have moved into Augsburg's town hall as puppeteers. Behind glass, they control the puppet Kasperle - known from the "Augsburger Puppenkiste" - and the dragon Famulus. The attraction will be shown in the city hall until the end of January 2024.

31 octobre 2023

The reason for this show cell: the two Augsburg institutions are celebrat-ing their 200th birthday together this year - KUKA is turning 125 and the Augsburger Puppenkiste (Augsburg Puppet Chest) 75. Reason enough to also let the public participate. "Helping to create this attraction was a special pleasure for me. Famulus was specially designed for his adventures in Augsburg. In him, as in all our puppets, is real craftsmanship and more than 50 hours of work," says Hans Kautzmann, professional puppeteer and already part of the Augsburger Puppenkiste for about 33 years. 

Combining this tradition with robot technology was very exciting and I'm happy to share the result with the public now.

Hans Kautzmann

In the "Unteren Flez" directly on the first floor of the city hall, visitors can see how filigree Mario and Nette control the two puppets. KUrt KAsperle and the dragon Famulus, who owes his name to the first KUKA robot, experience adventures together between the city hall, the train station and KUKA headquarters in a lovingly designed scenery in Augsburg. The robot puppeteers can be visited by young and old during the winter months, during the opening hours of Augsburg City Hall, easily accessible and free of charge

Controlled by the robot puppeteers, Famulus and Kurt Kasperle experience adventures in Augsburg.

Robots have been in Augsburg for 50 years 

For 125 years, KUKA has been firmly rooted in its home base of Augsburg - and has developed from a manufacturer of acetylene gas or garbage trucks into a globally active automation group. Exactly 50 years ago, KUKA made history as a robotics pioneer with the world's first industrial robot with six electromechanically driven axes - and since then has been making work and production more economical and easier with innovations in automation, digitization and robotics

Change as part of the DNA: KUKA celebrates it`s 125th anniversary
The attraction will be shown in the Augsburg city hall until the end of January 2024.

Just as courageously as the little dragon Famulus and KUrt KAsperle embark on their adventures in Augsburg, the plant planners and robot designers back then dared to take visionary steps in the world of robotics. Learn more about the challenges they faced back then and why KUKA is the #HomeofRobotik.