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KR 300-2 PA

The KR 300-2 PA is a palletizing robot that adapts flexibly to every situation. It loads and packages even heavy payloads fast and accurately. This palletizer masters tasks in the heavy payload range with optimal cycle times.

The KR 300-2 PA is light, fast and powerful and has been developed especially for high-speed tasks with heavy payloads. It is ideally suited to handling tasks with payloads of up to 300 kilograms and can be flexibly adapted to its specific task by means of booster frames of different heights.

300 - 300 Tải trọng theo kg

3150 - 3150 Phạm vi theo mm


Light and fast

Thanks to its compact design, the KR 300-2 PA works at high speed. This ensures unbeatable cycle times and maximum process efficiency.

Transformable and quickly changed

The KR 300-2 PA features a 60-millimeter opening in the hollow-wrist design. This enables protected routing and fast exchange of all commonly used energy supply systems.

Resilient and uncomplicated

The KR 300-2 PA achieves extremely long maintenance intervals thanks to its robust design. It is also immune to dust and water spray. It thus conforms to standard protection rating IP 65.

Efficient in every situation

With its reach of 3,150 millimeters, the KR 300-2 PA can implement a wide variety of applications. It makes efficient use of the available space – with the utmost precision and payloads of up to 300 kilograms.

KR 300-2 PA Tổng quan dữ liệu

KR 300-2 PA
Tải trọng
300 kg
Phạm vi tối đa
3150 mm
Loại thiết kế
Robot gắp xếp
Môi trường thực thi
Tiêu chuẩn
(Các) vị trí gắn
Loại bảo vệ
IP 65
Bảng thông số kỹ thuật
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