Plasma welding

Plasma welding can be regarded as a further development of TIG welding. It is being used in automated production on an increasingly regular basis owing to a number of advantages, including from an economical standpoint.

Plasma welding: the technology

Plasma welding is a resistance welding process:

In plasma welding, the electric arc is formed between a tungsten electrode and the material. In contrast to the TIG welding process, the electrical arc is constricted by a water-cooled nozzle. A plasma gas, typically argon, also flows between the electrode and the nozzle. This protects the weld pool against oxidation and stabilizes the arc.

Automated plasma welding

We have already implemented numerous automated systems for the automotive industry and their suppliers: from simple single-purpose systems to highly flexible production lines. On site it shows that our plasma welding systems stand out due to their high process stability.

Plasma welding: the advantages

Plasma welding is an alternative to laser welding and has many advantages: 

  • Greater power density
  • Higher welding speeds
  • Lower distortion
  • Improved gap bridging

You are welcome to call us if you have further questions about this technology. We would be delighted to advise you with regard to specific options for your company.

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