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Daimler relies on flexible autonomous guided transport system

The flexible, autonomous guided intralogistics solution from KUKA replaces rail-guided transportation systems at the Mercedes-Benz Türk truck assembly plant in Aksaray.

Maximum variety of models and flexibility

Actros or Arocs: Every 8.9 minutes a truck rolls off the production line at the Mercedes-Benz Türk plant in Aksaray, one of three Mercedes-Benz truck assembly plants worldwide. Since the plant was founded in 1986, around 275,000 trucks have left the plant in Aksaray - produced exactly according to the customer's specifications. In order to fullfil the quality requirements and the variety of truck models while at the same time meeting delivery times, Mercedes-Benz always keeps its finger on the pulse of the times and relies on the most innovative technologies.

Autonomous guided transport system in truck assembly

Flexible and autonomous guided intralogistics solution in the truck assembly plant of Mercedes-Benz Türk in Aksaray

Flexible industrial production in the age of IIoT

At the Mercedes-Benz Türk plant in Aksaray, autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) from KUKA are transporting the truck cab components within the assembly line. The AGVs are omnidirectional, mobile platforms of the type KMP 1500 and connect individual assembly sections with each other. The former conveyor solution with track-guided AGVs were replaced by a modern intralogistics solution with mobile platforms that offer maximum flexibility and free navigation. "The AGVs are optimally integrated into the assembly line of the Mercedes-Benz assembly plant", says Robert Vogel, KUKA Key Account Manager for Daimler.

With the intralogistics solution we were able to meet our customer's requirements for more flexibility and versatility.

Robert Vogel, KUKA Key Account Manager for Daimler

In addition to the flexible intralogistics solution, KUKA integrated further automation technology within the truck production plant in Aksaray. 35 KUKA robots produce the truck cab by use of automated technology processes like spot welding, stud welding, assembling and gluing of the windshield, as well as component handling of the truck cab.

Autonomous guided transport systems connect and control AGVs in order to achieve the most efficient way of transportation.

Established intralogistics solution for the assembly of truck cabs

Already for two years Mercedes-Benz makes use of the established and flexible intralogistics solution from KUKA. Seven freely navigating, mobile platforms of type KMP 1500 connect several production stations within the assembly line.

Whether underbody, interior structure of the truck cab or the truck cab without roof: The autonomous guided transport vehicle KMP 1500 is capable of carrying a weight of 1,500 kilograms.

Arriving at the respective process station, the AGV charges simultaniously to the assembly processes. The charging stations of the AGVs were directly integrated into the process stations with charging plates on the floor. This saves time and makes the AGV ready to operate 24/7.

AGV charging stations integrated directly into the process stations with charging plates on the floor.

Efficient use of space and maximum process reliability

The KUKA autonomous guided transport system ensures efficient use of spacemaximum process reliability at all stages of production and maximum variety of models in the assembly of the truck cabs. A 360-degree safety monitoring system ensures the intrinsically safety of the KMP 1500 in any driving position, whether transverse or longitudinal, rotating or diagonal. Depending on direction and speed, the KMP 1500 detects employees or other obstacles and react immediately. The AGVs safely and dynamically make their way from the truck underbody assembly to the assembly of the truck side and the assembly of the front and back panels. Thus the truck cab without roof can be transported through the assembly line on the most efficient route.

Versatile and scalable production

For short reaction times and at the same time highest quality, a production must be flexible and versatile. With different models and customer requirements, a flexible production and intralogistics solution is decisive. The key component for a versatile production is the mobile platform KMP 1500, which navigates through the production plant on a virtual road network. It uses the existing measurement data from its safety scanners and odometry using the KUKA.NavigationSolution software. Track guidance or navigation elements are thus superfluous. The advantage: production expansions or adaptations are easier and faster to implement.

With the KUKA software for autonomous guided transport systems, production expansions can be implemented more easily and quickly.

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