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Service and maintenance packages for robotic systems

You are responsible for ensuring that your production runs smoothly day in, day out. Opt, then, for the excellent support and maintenance service from KUKA – perfectly tailored to you and your KUKA system.

Increase the benefits of your KUKA system

KUKA Technical Application and Cell Support ensures the maximum availability of your KUKA system while maintaining consistently high process quality. The know-how of our application and automation experts means that they are able to detect and eliminate any deterioration earlier than anyone else.

Upgrade your KUKA.SystemSoftware

Benefit from the functionalities of the latest version KSS 8.6 and make your robot system Industry 4.0-compatible: use the latest KUKA technology packages and, with the pre-installed KUKA.DeviceConnector, gain access to extensive robot data for digital KUKA products, services and applications.

KUKA ServiceExtended – 24/7 support for your KUKA system

As a KUKA customer with a ServiceExtended agreement, you are guaranteed the highest level of service – and always have the KUKA experts at your side. The top services in the ServiceExtended agreement:

KUKA hotline

  • Priority hotline support for the fastest possible fault diagnosis
  • Qualified technical hotline support from our application and automation experts
  • VIP support with the involvement of application specialists (e.g. from Design, Commissioning, Assembly, etc.)


KUKA Remote Service

  • Localization and/or elimination of faults through global online diagnosis
  • Daily functional test of the KUKA Remote Service Client
  • Support allocation
With the KUKA ServiceExtended package, you have round-the-clock access to the most experienced KUKA experts on KUKA systems.

KUKA HealthCheckPlus – The optimal maintenance for your KUKA system

As a customer with a HealthCheckPlus Agreement, you ensure that you benefit from the know-how of KUKA experts during annual preventive maintenance. Through effective maintenance management, weak points are detected at an early stage and the availability of your system is sustainably increased.

Top services

  • Basic inspection of the system components
  • Application-specific checks
  • Special conditions for follow-up repairs
  • Optional: coverage of travel costs and expenses for annual maintenance
Maintenance management par excellence: with KUKA HealthCheckPlus, you can detect weak points at an early stage and respond proactively.

KUKA CombiExtendedPlus – The top service package for your KUKA system

As a customer with a KUKA CombiExtendedPlus agreement, you ensure that your system has the highest level of all-round reliability from the outset.

Because, after all, the KUKA CombiExtendedPlus agreement includes all the services covered by the KUKA ServiceExtended and KUKA HealthCheckPlus agreements.

KUKA CombiExtendedPlus combines the services of KUKAServiceExtended and KUKA HealthCheckPlus.