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The KUKA.SystemSoftware – KSS for short – is the operating system and thus the heart of the entire robot controller for the majority of the KUKA robot portfolio – including traditional 5- and 6-axis robots, as well as the new KR SCARA and KR DELTA robots.

Decades of experience integrated. Designed for every application – including yours. Meet your goals with an open and flexible platform.

The KSS operating system enables you to implement an extensive range of robot-based applications. Whether you are planning, installing, commissioning, operating or maintaining robot-based systems – with the KSS, you can achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently. It is subjected to continuous further development by KUKA as an open, flexible and secure platform to meet the high demands in the robotics environment.
  • Open & flexible


    • Software-based customization & functional expansion
    • New possibilities for conveyor applications
    • Improved robot sensor interface integrated
    • “Best in class” in communication – in field buses and interfaces
    • User interface available in many national languages
  • Secure & protected


    • Built-in security with WIN10ioT
    • Individual user management
    • Controlled use of USB ports
    • KUKA.SafeOperation with robots and external axis kinematic systems
    • Visualization of safety parameters
    • Braking before restricted areas


  • Fast & efficient


    • Fast start-up/integration
    • Efficient diagnosis & troubleshooting
    • Complete offline programming with inline forms
    • Project-independent programming
    • Modular options for customer technology packages
    • Option profiles and scripting in KUKA.WorkVisual
    • Easy access to documentation

Get acquainted with the basic functions of the operating system

The “functional twins” KSS 8.6 and 8.7 offer new functions without changing the existing programming environment and user interface – if you are familiar with KUKA.SystemSoftware and KRL (KUKA Robot Language), you will immediately feel at home.

And thanks to the expertise that we have built up over decades, combined with feedback from our customers, the current KSS versions 8.6 and 8.7 are the result of internal and external feedback. In combination with inline forms, project-based engineering and project-independent online programming, it is clear that KUKA has listened to the suggestions and wishes of users during the development of KSS.


The KSS operating system offers a wide range of robot programming options

Programming of different skill levels

From simple programming using inline forms to expert programming in the high-level language KRL (KUKA Robot Language).

Field bus communication

Configuration and I/O mapping of the field buses supported by KUKA.SystemSoftware (ProfiBus, DeviceNet, PROFINET, ETHERNET/IP, EtherCAT) is carried out via KUKA.WorkVisual.


In addition to the robot interpreter, up to eight parallel cyclical (submit) interpreters are available.

Multiple languages

Up to 26 languages are available for selection in the KUKA.SystemSoftware user interface.

Rights management

The system is supplied with the rights for operating modes and functions preassigned to the hierarchical user groups so that no adaptation is required for most customers. Nevertheless, this assignment can be configured by the administrator via function groups if required.

Flexible configuration of additional drives

Operation of asynchronous, infinitely rotating or force-controlled external axes and master-slave drives in a group.


Server-triggered, project-based backups of the system configuration and installed options through the integrated backup manager.

Connection to iiQoT pre-installed

With the pre-installed KUKA.DeviceConnector, KUKA systems are quickly integrated and connected to iiQoT – the Industrie 4.0 solution from KUKA.

Webinar: Key features, functions and comparison of different versions

Design, development and expansion

Engineering functions of the KSS operating system cover everything

From the creation of your own customer-specific software packages to the visualization and simulation of your manufacturing process and on to the evaluation of complete robot cells –

  • on a project basis. Configuration of the controller using database and catalog-based projects – created using KUKA.WorkVisual.
  • Soft PLC interface. Integrated interface in KUKA.WorkVisual to KUKA.Multiprog – the Soft PLC engineering environment of KUKA.ProConOS.
  • Load data determination. Determination of the load parameters of real tool attachments by means of pendulum motions using the KUKA.LoadDataDetermination option.
  • Simulation. Design and evaluation of complete robot cells using KUKA.Sim.
  • Virtual robot controller. Virtualized version of KUKA.SystemSoftware (KSS) available as KUKA.OfficeLite.
  • Customer-specific technology packages. Creation of your own customer-specific software packages using KUKA.OptionPackageEditor. Further modules are provided here by the expansion technologies KUKA.UserTech and KUKA.HMI easy.
  • Recovery. Image-based backup solution using KUKA.Recovery.

All product data close at hand at all times

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