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my.KUKA: Your digital customer portal

Buy robots and spare parts, view technical data, manage licenses and more: my.KUKA combines numerous e-services in a user-friendly interface. This gives you access to information and individual support for your robot applications at any time and from anywhere.

24/7 access to information and services on my.KUKA

In the digital customer portal my.KUKA you can easily call up product data and availability, order hardware and software products, manage licenses and support requests and visit the cloud-based platforms KUKA Xpert and KUKA Robot Selector.
Directly after your successful registration you have access to numerous functions. After verification of your account, you will also receive company-specific information and benefits. This process serves the security of your individual login and can take a few days.

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All my.KUKA advantages and services at a glance:

  • View product data

    The digital product catalogue gives you a comprehensive overview of our robot portfolio, the associated spare parts and our digital products.

  • Check product availability

    Check online delivery times and stocks of used robots, spare parts and KUKA Ready Packs (only for KUKA partners) and request specific products with just a few clicks.

  • Buy products online*

    Buy KUKA products, e.g. spare parts or software packages, easily and conveniently online and submit inquiries for our robots.
    (* country-specific function)

  • Register and manage products

    Register your KUKA products quickly and easily online and gain access to complete product documentation.

  • Use cloud-based software

    Get free access to KUKA Xpert Basic and KUKA Compose. Use the login for KUKA Connect or test KUKA Sim.Pro.

  • Support-Management

    Create your support requests online and view the processing status. This way you are always up to date and receive the support you need promptly.

  • Digital knowledge database

    The KUKA Xpert digital knowledge database provides comprehensive technical information such as instructions and documentation for your KUKA products.

  • KUKA System Partner

    As a KUKA System Partner, you benefit from special advantages in my.KUKA. Among other things, you receive extended test access for KUKA Cloud Software, product announcements and discontinuations, information on robot delivery times and much more.

Bring the KUKA world to your desktop

Video tutorials: step by step to the desired product or service

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