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The heavy-duty robots, with payloads of up to 800 kg, offer maximum performance in the smallest possible space and feature fast and precise handling of large components with a high moment of inertia.

Developed for high moments of inertia when handling heavy and large workpieces

From battery handling to gigacasting. In production, the requirements with regard to payload and reach are increasing sharply in combination with ever higher moments of inertia of the workpieces. The KR FORTEC ultra robots were designed to meet these requirements with maximum efficiency in the smallest possible space. As an intelligent modular and shared parts concept that allows the optimum robot to be selected for an application and adapted in the field. Leading the way in performance, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. Both now and in the future.
  • Ultra-compact

    • Compact design with low weight
    • Minimal footprint 
    • Fits into tiny work cells
  • Low TCO

    • Low maintenance
    • Low energy consumption
    • Low investment costs
  • Safe and reliable

    • System with new KRC control guarantees high reliability
    • Certified for high safety in working environment and meets CE requirements
  • Reduced maintenance costs

    • Components with low maintenance requirements
    • High accessibility at the robot
    • Low maintenance effort with only 3 measures:

      - Visual inspection
      - Lubrication
      - Oil change every 20,000 h

* KUKA is continuously working on expanding its robot portfolio to meet customer expectations, e.g. in the automotive sector and general industry. The special Foundry variants and the robot versions for machining applications will be available for ordering soon.

The lightest in its class. But incredibly strong, rigid and fast. 

KR FORTEC ultra robots have been developed in close cooperation with customers to ensure that the most demanding requirements in the area of heavy payloads are easily met.

The KR FORTEC ultra is the robot with the lowest total cost of ownership in its payload class.

Wolfgang Bildl, Portfolio Manager at KUKA.

480 - 800 Load capacity [kg]

2800 - 3700 Reach [mm] (arm length)

Provides maximum performance wherever extreme payloads with high moments of inertia are involved

Incredibly strong. Extremely compact & light.

The KR FORTEC ultra family offers a payload-to-weight ratio that is unprecedented in this payload category. With a payload capacity of 800 kg, it weighs 2.4 t, and with a payload capacity of 640 kg, it weighs just 2.2 t.

High Payload & High Inertia.

The extremely rigid design with double link arm system, powerful motors and heavy-duty gear units enables precise and fast handling of heavy, large-format parts with high moments of inertia.

Flexible cell and system planning

The streamlined disruptive contour, an extended working envelope in front of, above and behind the machine, as well as the small footprint enable use in confined cells, but also open up completely new cell concepts.

Cost-effectiveness redefined

Thanks to the optimum relationship between weight and payload capacity, the economical start-up and maintenance concept, and the reduced number of spare parts, the KR FORTEC ultra family ensures a significant reduction in operating costs.

Highest performance

Due to its motion algorithm and the resulting higher axis acceleration, as well as the shortest positioning time in its class, the heavy-duty robot delivers even higher dynamic performance and shorter cycle times.

Convertible payload capacity & 2nd life ability

The robots of the KR FORTEC ultra family can be converted and upgraded at any time in terms of payload capacity and mass inertia to suit new tasks. This allows the robot to be reused in new applications and guarantees maximum flexibility in production.

Optimized design for application versatility

In addition to the standard waterproof and dustproof in-line wrist (wrist axes A4-A6 in IP65 and IP67 versions), the robot also offers a Foundry option for use in particularly hot, wet or dirty environments.

Climate-friendly robotics

With its low energy consumption, which includes state-of-the-art drive technology and the latest software and controller technology, the second life-capable industrial robot with long service life and reduced footprint offers a climate-friendly overall robotics package.

KR FORTEC ultra data overview

KR 480 R3400-2 KR 480 R3700-2 KR 560 R3100-2 KR 560 R3100-2 HI KR 640 R2800-2 KR 640 R2800-2 HI KR 800 R2800-2
480 kg
480 kg
560 kg
560 kg
640 kg
640 kg
800 kg
Maximum reach
3400 mm
3700 mm
3100 mm
3100 mm
2800 mm
2800 mm
2800 mm
Construction type
Version environment
High Inertia
High Inertia
Mounting positions
Protection class
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
IP 65, IP 67
Data sheet

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Perfectly coordinated peripheral components: sustainably greater efficiency in heavy duty handling

The energy supply system for easy installation, low maintenance costs and long service life

Complete solution from a single source: From configurator-assisted energy supply systems to energy supply systems with flexible K pipe for more precise motions, we offer you individual solutions custom-tailored to your requirements. Equipment perfectly coordinated with the robot enables you to get started right away and save time and considerable costs during integration.

  • New. Energy supply system with connection interface on the link arm
    • The connection interface between the main energy supply (ES) and the wrist ES is mounted on axis 2 for easy maintenance
    • Routing through hollow shaft A1 to obtain shorter cable runs. Same concept as other KUKA robots.
    • Minimized lubricant consumption due to optimum routing of cable runs
  • The advantages of the energy supply system on the KR FORTEC ultra:
    • Saves spare parts due to standardized components and lengths
    • Improved pinch protection for minimal wear and increased service life
    • Shared parts concept with energy supply system of other robot series
    • K pipe with optimized guide system
  • Energy supply system specially adapted to the KR FORTEC ultra robots:
    • Designed for utmost efficiency and cost-effectiveness
    • Streamlined disruptive contour for short cable runs and minimum space requirement at the axes
    • Easy conversion, retrofitting and maintenance
    • Customizable for every customer solution
  • K pipe energy supply system A2-A6 with simple, reliable retraction system:
    • Compact retraction system with low disruptive contour
    • Corrugated tube with 70 mm inner diameter
    • Maximum extension length with up to 450 mm
    • Longer service life
    • Optimized guide system for precise motions
    • Simplifies exchange and retrofit

KL 5000 linear axis: Significant extension of the workspace

Can be extended for up to 4 robots, 5 tons payload capacity and a length of up to 31 meters.