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Screw fastening, assembling, handling

KUKA Systems presents the various fields of use of its mobile robot application system KUKA flexFELLOW at Motek 2015.

17 de setembro de 2015

Augsburg | Stuttgart, September 2015 – From 5 to 8 October this year, KUKA Systems GmbH will be exhibiting its portfolio for the automated production systems of tomorrow at the international trade fair for production and assembly automation – Motek 2015 in Stuttgart. In Hall 7 / Booth 7214, the systems specialist will be demonstrating that versatile assembly systems with human-robot-collaboration have long since been a reality and can be implemented into the production process economically using standardized application modules. 
Adaptable, energy- and resource-effective, fast and efficient – that is the industry of the future. This is not just a topic of discussion at KUKA. The systems manufacturer has already successfully introduced several sustainable solutions into Automotive and General Industry. The results of LBR iiwa development and the experience gained from various human-robot-collaboration applications have been incorporated into the mobile KUKA flexFELLOW plattform. This mobile robot unit, which is based on the LBR iiwa lightweight robot can be moved into place very quickly and operated where it is needed. Thanks to the sensitive characteristics of the LBR iiwa, the KUKA flexFELLOW is suitable for human-robot-collaboration and can operate in the immediate vicinity of the worker without the need for a protective fence.
“We have been working intensively on versatile production concepts and essential associated components for a long time. Because if you want to remain competitive in the future, your manufacturing process should be fast, flexible and also energy- and resource-efficient”, says Frank Klingemann, CEO of KUKA Systems GmbH. “Our customers in the automotive industry in particular see that as the decisive competitive factor. Due to shorter product cycles and more differentiated products, there is a demand for solutions which absorb workload peaks and resource shortages. However, we believe there is still significant potential for automation in General Industry.” This year’s appearance at Motek is of particular interest to all automobile manufacturers and suppliers. Using a corner module assembly (wheel mounts with braking components), the Augsburg-based systems manufacturer will be demonstrating the fundamental opportunities presented by application modules in an assembly line – these can, of course, be used in other fields as well.

screw fastening, assembling, handling: practical applications

The KUKA flexFELLOW can fasten screws, assemble, handle: this sensitive robot assistant can carry out complex, unergonomic or monotonous tasks in various applications. For example, it can fasten the pump covers on dish-washers. The mobile assistant can tighten four screws within 16 seconds. The application was tested successfully as part of a pilot system for dishwashers at the factory of BSH Haushaltgeräte GmbH in Dillingen.
In another application, the KUKA flexFELLOW mounts gearboxes. KUKA also uses this automated process in its own production department. In this case, gear units are mounted onto the link arms for the KR Quantec KUKA robot series. The robot application meets all the criteria for biomechanical threshold values according to ISO/TS 15066, conforms to the machinery directive 2006/42/EG and, as a result, was also certified by the Test and Certification Center of the German Statutory Accident Insurance Body (DGUV Test) for machine and production automation. As the mobile assistant operates on a linear axis, there is no reason to be afraid of coming into contact with the KUKA flexFELLOW in this application. In collaboration with the worker, the robot screws various components onto a brake disc, changes tools independently and can also be used for disassembly if required. KUKA Systems will be demonstrating applications which are already being used in production by innovative customers either in the same or a similar way, paving the way towards industry 4.0.

All good things come in fours

KUKA Systems’ fourth application puts innovation in the spotlight. Equipped with a spotlight, the lightweight robot casts light from its mobile platform onto the innovative tools of the latest KUKA flexFELLOW generation and explains their functions in a multimedia application. The newly developed application modules on show complete the solutions toolkit for sensitive, fully automated and human-robot collaboration solutions.