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Global partnership with Stromae on his Multitude Tour

Partnership with Belgian superstar

Stromae is going on a world tour and KUKA is on board! The exceptional artist from Belgium achieved worldwide fame with his No. 1 hit "Alors on Danse" in 2009 and is now starting his comeback after seven years with the new album "Multitude". At the end of February 2022 Stromae was back on the show stages of this world. And with him: ten KR QUANTEC.

The full story of our partnership with Stromae

Source: Stromae / Mosaert

Tour life for KUKA robots

The musician and producer relies on proven robot technology from KUKA for his concerts! For his world tour in 2022/23, an impressive stage set was designed, featuring ten KR QUANTEC as the central show element. In each case, five hanging and five standing KR QUANTEC perform in the innovative show. The robots were perfectly integrated for the artist's performance and use oversized LED screens as show elements.
KR QUANTEC as a central show element at concerts of the artist Stromae (Source: Stromae / Mosaert)

Experience Multitude Tour up close

Teaser for Multitude Tour (Source: Stromae / Mosaert)
The technology-loving artist not only relies on the support of robots, but also incorporates them thematically as a fixed part of the stage show. During the concert, Stromae repeatedly uses robotic elements in the form of short clips and artwork, creating a varied and impressive stage set. A central element here are the mobile screens, which are coordinated by the KUKA robots, so that a perfect staging succeeds.
Stromae performs twice - live and as an animated avatar (Source: Lydie Bonhomme)
Perfectly choreographed show on the successful tour (Source: Lydie Bonhomme)

KUKA Robot on Tour

Stromae will play in many different cities and countries during his tour and with him also the KUKA robots! It was a challenge to design a concept for fast and safe assembly and disassembly of the stage set including the robots. KUKA took on this challenge in cooperation with our system partner Vendome Robotics and developed a unique system that meets the high demands of a tour and allows commissioning and disassembly of the structure with the robots within a few hours!

Stromae performs together with the KUKA robots (Source: Stromae / Mosaert)

 Stromae - an exceptional artist!

The Belgian superstar impresses with his very atmospheric songs and takes on important issues in society to give them more attention. Stromae manages to describe and interpret complex circumstances of everyday life in just a few words. He puts the human being in the center, a characteristic with which we at KUKA can identify very well. Stromae's music has its roots in electronics and lives from influences ranging from world music to rap. For his new album, the artist has drawn inspiration from all over the world and combines the various musical styles in a new way. His music is characterized by particularly versatile influences, from a Bulgarian women's choir, to Latin American elements and Persian Ney flutes is very much on offer. Stromae thereby creates an unprecedented masterpiece!

Multitude Tour

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Image Source: Stromae / Mosaert

Robotic technology under license in the USA from andyRobot (a Nevada corporation) and covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,545,108 and U.S. Patent No. 11,284,048 and other patents pending.