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KUKA ready2_rivet

The universal automation solution for fast and efficient self-pierce riveting. It can be integrated seamlessly into your production environment.

Self-pierce riveting with maximum efficiency and utmost quality

The package for all tasks in the field of self-pierce riveting

In cooperation with Böllhoff Verbindungstechnik GmbH, KUKA is developing the preconfigured automation package for all tasks in the field of self-pierce riveting. KUKA ready2_rivet can be integrated seamlessly into your production environment and is easy to operate. With characteristics optimized for self-pierce riveting and quick-change devices for tools, magazines or dies, the universal automation solution from KUKA is suitable for all typical tasks of a riveting machine in the field of body-in-white production, but also for applications in general industry


Simple handling

The parameterization of the rivet gun can be controlled via an operator panel. Simply switch to the Böllhoff user interface on the KUKA smartPAD.

Minimized footprint

All in one: reduced hardware and thus a minimized footprint by combining the robot controller and process controller in a single control cabinet.

Maximum accessibility

With the partially integrated energy supply system, the ready2_rivet package has been optimized for maximum accessibility.

Seamless integration

The predefined configuration enables seamless integration of the automation package into your production environment.

Fast commissioning

The preprogrammed commissioning with three measurement points facilitates the changing of tools, magazines and dies.

Utmost quality assurance

The “Process done” monitoring function integrated into the process sequence enables the simple detection and rectification of faults.

ready2_rivet: all components at a glance

Boost the productivity of your self-pierce riveting tasks with the compact and preconfigured ready2_rivet automation package. You can see all the components at a glance here. We optionally offer the solution featuring a partially integrated energy supply system with material tube.
  • KR QUANTEC robot

    KR QUANTEC family
    The KR QUANTEC is one of our most powerful and precise robots, offering maximum performance in every position. Read more about the KR QUANTEC.

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  • KR C4 extended robot controller with process component

    KR C4 extended robot controller
    The KR C4 control system is efficient and flexible and sustainably reduces your costs. You can find further information about the KR C4 here.

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  • KUKA smartPAD

    KUKA smartPAD
    Intuitive operation and ergonomic handling with the KUKA smartPAD. Discover further advantages of the KUKA smartPAD.

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  • Böllhoff RIVSET® Automation EH setting tool

    Böllhoff RIVSET® Automation EH
    The RIVSET® Automation EH setting tool from Böllhoff enables maximum setting forces and process velocity. 

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  • Böllhoff RIVSET® Feeding Unit

    Böllhoff RIVSET® Feeding Unit
    The Böllhoff RIVSET® Feeding Unit ensures the reliable feeding of rivets directly to the rivet magazine and setting head.
  • Böllhoff RIVSET® Magazine Feed 

    Böllhoff RIVSET® Magazine Feed
    Automatic magazine filling and changing station for a smooth and flexible riveting process.

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  • Böllhoff Automatic RIVSET® Die Changer

    Böllhoff Automatic RIVSET® Die Changer
    The die changer from Böllhoff supports the fast and flexible variation of self-pierce rivet lengths and sizes.
  • Automatic tool changing system

    Automatic tool changing system
    The automatic tool changing system from Walther-Präzision is used in the KUKA ready2_rivet package in order to achieve maximum production flexibility.

All facts about ready2_rivet at a glance for download

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All in one! All data and facts about ready2_use in one file for download. Get the datasheet for the ready2_rivet package here.

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