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High-speed delta robotic designed precisely for pick-and-place tasks meet the highest hygiene and safety requirements. Delta robots impress with low operating costs in packaging, handling, and assembly in a range of demanding industries such as food, pharmaceuticals and electronics.

Precise pick-and-place, lightning speed and excellent payload of up to 6 kg

So fast, so precise and so flexible: All KR DELTA robots were developed for the high-speed range. Their top speed corresponds to a cycle time of up to 0.32 seconds. Naturally, with high point repeatability and angular repeatability. They are also among the strongest delta robots on the market, being able to move and pack up to 6 kg. With their stainless steel or carbon fiber body, they are certified for areas where the highest possible hygiene is essential: whether handling raw foods, medicines or electronic components. In addition, our Delta robots score with a large working range and are suitable for automation in a wide variety of industries.

Why the DELTA picking robot offers first-class cost-effectiveness

Companies with the drive to automate work processes are looking for affordable and resilient robots. The compact Delta robots from KUKA are not only economical in terms of purchase price, but even more so in operation. With encapsulated gears and ball joints made of self-lubricating material, they are virtually maintenance-free. The motors of the Delta robot are attached directly to the base. Particularly convenient and economical operation is ensured by the interaction with the KR C5 micro robot controller. The flexible controller requires particularly little space, has very low energy requirements and offers maximum safety.
  • High performance 

    • Minimum cycle time below 0.32 sec.
    • Precise pick & place applications on multiple conveyor belts
    • High point repeatability
    • High angular repeatability
    • Precise motions


  • Low cost operation

    • Low energy consumption
    • Pick & place tasks in the smallest space
    • Low maintenance
    • Easy cleanability
  • Hygienic Robotics 

    • Hygienic Machine Version, completely made of stainless steel
    • H1 lubrication throughout
    • High protection class IP67 and IP65
  • Certified safety

    • CE Certificate
    • UL certificate
    • DIN ISO 14159 /use of food grade grease
    • Clean Room ISO 14644 class 4 for axis 4

3 - 3 Load capacity [kg]

1200 - 1200 Reach [mm] (arm length)

Pick & Place DELTA Robot: designed to perform

Industry-proven design

  • Large work area: reach of 1,200 mm, vertical working range of 350 mm
  • Operating temperature range: 0 °C - 45 °C
  • Small footprint: ∅ 350 mm

Particularly low-maintenance

  • No re-greasing required during service life
  • Gearbox with lifetime lubrication
  • Self-lubricating ball heads

Wide range of uses

Ideal for automating pick, pack and place applications for all types of fast moving consumer goods.

Flexible flange

The flange is suitable for easy and quick mounting of various grippers of different functions and sizes.

Seamless integration

Smooth integration in the production thanks to software for object recognition, conveyor tracking and coordination of multiple robots and conveyors

Hygiene as standard

The fast pick & place robots are perfect for all types of packaging processes: from primary to secondary to tertiary packaging.

High-speed handling along the entire packaging chain

The primary area, where things have to be particularly hygienic, places special demands on robots. This involves direct contact with open food, proteins, and medications or the most sensitive electronic components. But hygiene requirements are also high in the secondary area, and food-safe NSF H1 lubricants are mandatory. This prevents contamination of food, cosmetics, or pharmaceuticals during final packaging. We have developed the suitable delta robot for each area.

The most sensitive goods under control: Delta picking robots for the primary production and processing

All stainless steel, perfect cleanability and rapid speed: that's what KR DELTA offers as a hygienic machine. Acid, lye and hot water leave it unaffected thanks to the corrosion-resistant stainless steel body. It brings protection class IP 67 for the entire robot and IP 69K for axis 4. The parallel-arm robot, protected against dust and moisture, can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner up to 100 kPA. The design of the Delta complies with the German LFGB, the US FDA and the EHEDG standards for food. Learn more about KR DELTA HM

Wanted: a robot for raw meat, cheese, sweets or sours. Found: the KR DELTA robot as a hygienic machine.

Rapid sorting and packing: Delta robots for the secondary packaging

Lightweight construction, impressive speed and at the same time extremely precise: this is how the KR DELTA robot impresses in the HO (Hygienic Oil) version. In addition, it scores with food-safe H1 lubricants in all axes. Thanks to its carbon fibre body and a movable A4 plate made of aluminium, the robot can accelerate extremely quickly. When used in pick-and-place tasks as well as packing and sorting, the Delta's arm achieves a cycle time of less than 0.32 seconds in the small Adept cycle.

Target: Pick, place and pack, everything as fast as lightning and with precision. On top: The DELTA robot as HO version.

KR DELTA (4 axes) - technical data

Total load
Maximum reach
Version environment
KR 3 D1200
Total load
3 kg
Maximum reach
1200 mm
Version environment
  • Total load 3 kg
  • Maximum reach 1200 mm
  • Construction type Standard
  • Version environment Standard
  • Mounting positions Ceiling
KR 3 D1200 HM
Total load
3 kg
Maximum reach
1200 mm
Version environment
Hygenic machine
  • Total load 3 kg
  • Maximum reach 1200 mm
  • Construction type Standard
  • Version environment Hygenic machine
  • Mounting positions Ceiling
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Even more efficient together: Highspeed DELTA robots kinematics and KUKA software packages

Whether you need to coordinate multiple robots, track your production or perform quality control with a powerful vision system and integrated image processing: KUKA has the software. The KR DELTA robot achieves maximum performance with the KR C5 micro controller and the application software for all fast-moving applications.

Simulate manufacturing processes in advance

See beforehand what your automation solution will be capable of later. Thanks to the simulation software KUKA.Sim and digital twin.

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