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KUKA Industrial IoT offering

The KUKA consulting approach is based on a modular, practice-oriented concept which always focuses on the added value for you. We support you in laying a solid foundation for the implementation of Industrie 4.0 solutions which can generate a decisive competitive advantage for you in the long term.

Benefit from our Industrial IoT solution

With our Industrial IoT solution, we raise your factory to the next level of productivity and operational excellence.

We offer you a tailored end-to-end IIoT solution featuring a modular framework comprised of proven standard components. These can then be customized and applied to meet your specific requirements. Powered by online analysis of shop-floor data, we quickly deliver significant operational impact.

How we work

High five for Industrie 4.0

  • Analyze

    We apply our process knowledge to use machine learning and artificial intelligence for the purpose of analyzing and organizing your data. Together, we maximize your window for decision making – by increasing the transparency of your assets, predicting future maintenance and preventing downtime.

  • Co-create

    The entire project is based on collaborative co-creation. Fully involving stakeholders in a co-creative process brings diverse perspectives, increases the quality of ideas and instills ownership. Co-creation is the driver for change innovation.

  • Connect

    Connect and manage the full variety of data from your assets, production lines or entire plants. Intelligent edge processing allows for secure and optimized assets and factory data for streaming to the cloud.

  • Design

    We reduce complexity by designing a clear and user-friendly workflow with you. Dashboards, reports, export functionalities and alarm management are tailored to your application.

  • Improve

    Together, we increase the value of your processes on a data-driven basis through the use of our advanced analytics and machine learning toolkit to interpret the collected data.


Overall equipment effectiveness

Boost the performance of your operations to achieve operational excellence as well as to increase equipment lifetime and minimize unscheduled downtime.

Sales & growth

Generate new revenue streams by increasing the flexibility and scalability of your operations. Avoid high investments through new service-based business models.

The KUKA proven toolbox

The KUKA software range optimizes your complete supply chain. Intelligent combination of software tools and machines creates tailored services for your Industrial IoT solution.

Data-driven improvements for your processes

Learn and analyze your production performance in order to gain precise process insights and thus facilitate data-driven decisions and better allocate your human resources.

Achieve excellence through performance benchmarking

Gain transparency and awareness across your internal operational processes. Compare and improve production sites all over the world.

Maximize returns on your IIoT investment

With our IIoT pilot, you can evaluate the usability of the application and the connectivity performance, assess data quality and understand the basis for setting up a business case.

End-to-end service user management

  • Jobs to be done

    By connecting our cloud solution to your IT infrastructure, we offer you a solution to make your daily business easier.

  • Operational transparency

    See the stability of your production from the top-line view down to a single asset or sensor.

  • Plug and work

    With our on-boarding functionalities, we are able to connect your devices very quickly.

  • Rapid analysis

    Distill massive streams of raw sensor and production data into usable insights for expert operators.

  • Secure solution

    Security-proven connectivity and a platform hosted by your desired infrastructure provider.

  • World-class UX

    Using service design methods to set up the right use cases implemented in a customized user interface.

Fast entry into Industrie 4.0

Pick your individual solution

  • Getting started – Workshops set

    Following the workshops, it will be clear whether continued investment in I4.0 is appropriate or further preparation and/or resources are required. You will also understand the use case to initially focus on in order to create an impact for your customers and stakeholders, and to obtain a list of features and an application description.

  • Getting insights – Pilots set

    After the set of use cases and connectivity, you will be able to begin the pilot phase. During this phase, you can evaluate the usability of the application and the performance of the connectivity. At the same time, you can assess the data quality, understand the basis for setting up a business case and learn about storage volume and IIoT architecture.

  • Getting improvements – Data analysis set

    Based on the experiences and the data transparency during execution of the pilot phase, the improvement of the cell or line is the logical next step. The opportunities which are obvious and easy to implement are leveraged in the light version while the full version includes data analytics.