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KUKA robots photograph Dr. Till Reuter as a “smart mind”

"There’s always a smart mind behind it": The Augsburg-based automation company KUKA has come up with a very special photo shoot for the well-known campaign of the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

01 February 2017

In order to photograph the chairman of the board, Dr. Till Reuter, for the Kluge-Kopf (smart mind) campaign, two robots of the KR FORTEC and KR QUANTEC series as well as the mobile robot KMR iiwa arranged the scenes in a hall at the headquarters in Augsburg. The KUKA robots provided a chair, poured coffee, took the newspaper from the mailbox and held it before Dr. Reuter’s head (in German, “kluger Kopf” literally means “smart head”). The motif then appeared on the 27th of January in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and is also available online.

A "Making of Film" of the photo shoot was created for the internet called "Zeitunglesen 4.0” (“Newspaper Reading 4.0").

Making-of: "Zeitunglesen 4.0" with Dr. Till Reuter

Thanks to KUKA employees

Four engineers were working on the programming of the KUKA robots, which carried out the shooting almost all by themselves. "The actual smart minds behind this photo are our engineers and developers. They help the robots carry out things for us humans or support us in our work", says Dr. Till Reuter. "I am honored that I was allowed to take a place for our employees behind the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung".


The Kluge-Kopf-campaign of the F.A.Z. has been active since 1995 on social issues and events. More than 90 outstanding personalities from politics, business and society have been photographed for the series - always behind the opened newspaper.

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