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KUKA spurring Industrie 4.0 by introducing the new KUKA Marketplace and KUKA Connect

KUKA digitizes the customer experience with on-demand solutions for smart production

25 April 2017

KUKA, one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions, has introduced its new KUKA Marketplace to provide a digitized and optimized customer experience.

KUKA Marketplace enables customers to not only search for and buy the latest KUKA products; it also makes available user guides and videos for additional information. For starters, KUKA Connect and KUKA College training courses are the first items available on the Marketplace.

"With the introduction of the new KUKA Marketplace, we have taken a huge leap towards implementing the ambitious plans of KUKA in delivering new service and application packages that better meet the global demand," says David Fuller, Chief Technology Officer at KUKA Robotics. "As KUKA's product portfolio continues to grow, the digital trading platform is critical for offering customers an intuitive experience and a comprehensive overview of new products."

With a focus on digital business transformation, the KUKA Marketplace offers customers the newest Zero Touch IoT solutions from KUKA for intelligent production: KUKA Connect. KUKA Connect is a cloud-based software solution, enabling users to access and analyze their KUKA robots at any time and from anywhere. KUKA Connect allows customers to bring their product to market faster, adapt to regulatory requirements, increase efficiency, and improve their own innovative strength.

Initially, customers from Germany, North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, and France will be able to register on the KUKA Marketplace. We intend to make KUKA Connect available worldwide in additional languages later this year.

KUKA Connect uses extensive data analyses based on open global standards in order to link up KUKA robots, as well as the latest Fog computing platform to give customers maximum transparency. In collaboration with Nebbiolo Technologies, KUKA Connect uses the fogNode™ Fog computing device in order to safely collect, communicate, and transfer robot data to the cloud.

KUKA Connect is a subscription-based platform that doesn't require software installation, offering customers instant access to new features and functionality. The KUKA Connect platform, which was strategically designed for further developments, hosts new services and provides evaluations and support for additional KUKA devices on an ongoing basis.

KUKA Connect is available for two service levels: KUKA Connect Lite and KUKA Connect Plus. KUKA Connect Lite offers users free access to Asset Information Management features for supported functions of the KUKA robots. By upgrading to KUKA Connect Plus, users are offered additional Asset Information Management features and full access to the KUKA Connect platform, including real-time alerts and exportable reports.

For more information about how KUKA Connect can optimize your automation process, please visit us.