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KUKA Xpert

A digital knowledge database for all KUKA products, accessible at any time and from anywhere: KUKA Xpert offers comprehensive technical information especially for service technicians, planners, programmers, operators, and commissioning engineers.

KUKA Xpert: digital manual with instructions and documentation for KUKA products

With our digital knowledge database for technically relevant information and documentation on all KUKA products, you can solve problems independently and save valuable time.


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KUKA Xpert Basic: Your free access to KUKA know-how

KUKA Xpert Basic is your free and permanent access to product and spare parts information and technical documentation. When you register via my.KUKA, you automatically receive your free KUKA Xpert Basic license.

KUKA Xpert Use Cases

KUKA Xpert helps you with the most common tasks relating to KUKA products, such as commissioning, programming, maintenance and conceptual design:

  • Detailed Operating Instructions

    Simply carry out minor maintenance or programming tasks yourself with our detailed task descriptions in KUKA Xpert. Our work instructions contain information on the required tools, materials and precise, partly illustrated work steps.

  • Documentations

    With KUKA Xpert, you always have access to the latest version of the documentation on all available KUKA products. Become more independent and efficient when searching for information.

  • Spare Parts Information

    You need fast information about a spare part of spare part package for your robot? The interactive spare parts graphic in KUKA Xpert shows you all necessary information about our spare parts.

  • Case Database

    Keep the overview. In our case database you will find symptoms, causes and solutions for many reports.

  • Software Information

    Develop programs faster and more efficiently with targeted information such as programming instructions, variable and function descriptions.

Manuals, product manuals and more: What content does KUKA Xpert offer?

KUKA Xpert offers you the concentrated and digitalized know-how about KUKA products in a web-based application. In addition to the paid version KUKA Xpert Pro, the free version KUKA Xpert Basic is also available for our customers, which contains all the documents and information required for your KUKA products.

      KUKA Xpert Pro     KUKA Xpert Basic
Product Information
Spare Parts
Assembly Instruction
Instruction Manual
Operating / Programming Instructions
CAD & Simulation Data
Case Database with Symptom, Cause and Solution
Detailed Operating Instructions
KSS System Variables
Compatibility Overviews
Function Descriptions
Downloads of Code and Configurations

Try KUKA Xpert Pro version for free

With the Pro version, you benefit from all functions, such as detailed work instructions and our case database. All you need is a free my.KUKA account. The trial version ends automatically after 90 days.

* Requirement is the Pro version

Minimize downtimes

Gain a better understanding of system messages through causes, symptoms, and solutions. Fix problems with high-quality work instructions.*

Increase your efficiency

Find urgently needed information with the help of free text search and filters for products and information types.

High-quality content

The content is created by technical editors and reviewed by product experts. KUKA Xpert is also used by KUKA Support.

Knowledge available 24/7

Get the right information when you need it most, without wasting valuable time.

Linked and interactive information 

Interactive content such as videos* with semantically linked data help you to obtain all relevant information for the selected product.

Helping people to help themselves

Work instructions help you to complete tasks from commissioning to maintenance and repair of KUKA products.*

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Save time and find information on more than 7,500 KUKA products, 2,000 service cases and 13,000 documents intuitively and quickly

System requirements for KUKA Xpert

  • no installation necessary

  • optimal user experience on latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox