KUKA robot controller KR C5

Maximum performance, connectivity and flexibility - the KR C5 integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures and immediately delivers added value through more efficient performance in all application areas.

Industrial Robot Controller KR C5: the heartbeat of future production

Compact, high-quality and with low energy consumption: the KUKA KR C5 controller offers possibilities for saving space, delivers highly efficient performance and at the same time conserves resources. In this way, it can be seamlessly integrated into heterogeneous automation landscapes, and almost all KR C4 applications are supported again - for more applications with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Robot control with future-proof hardware and smart software for digital products and services

  • Connectivity

    With Ethernet and digital IO interfaces, the robot controller can be seamlessly integrated into OT, IT and cloud environments, transforming pure data into valuable integrations.
  • Scalability

    The central power supply, a scalable modular cabinet system and plug-independent cable bushing provide for flexible application possibilities.
  • Low TCO

    Durable hardware, low energy consumption and high energy efficiency during operation ensure permanently low costs.
  • Easy Installation

    Easy integration into existing infrastructures and also into heterogeneous automation landscapes

Industrial Robot Controller KR C5: Advantages


The current system software is functionally compatible with the KR C4 and has identical software applications and technologies.

Low training requirements

The simple integration in control cabinets as well as the availability of the operationally proven system software enable fast commissioning.

Various control options

Wide range of options and hardware expansion possibilities, e.g. various IO and communication options for the most diverse system concepts.

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