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Maximum robot performance: thanks to our KUKA.CNC system software, the CNC and the robot are linked to each other directly and can thus be operated like a conventional CNC controller.

KUKA.CNC functions

  • CNC-based robot programming
  • Tool radius compensation on the controller
  • Improved robot path performance
  • Offline programming options via CAD/CAM systems

Advantages of KUKA.CNC

Ready for immediate use  

With KUKA.CNC, an NC controller kernel has been completely integrated on a KR C4 for the first time, making it possible to run NC programs directly on the KUKA KR C4 controller. NC programs, programmed offline using a CAD/CAM system, can be processed without prior conversion to KRL (KUKA Robot Language) and executed with the robot.

In addition to the CNC kernel, KUKA.CNC offers a dedicated CNC-specific user interface. The CNC user interface CNC-HMI (CNC operator control) is thus available on the smartPAD alongside the KRL user interface smartHMI (KRL operator control).

Intuitive operator control and far greater precision

The KUKA.CNC user interface incorporates typical operator control elements of a CNC controller, enabling machine operators with experience of CNC machine tools to start operating the CNC robot quickly and easily. The CNC control now makes it possible to process even large programs consisting of a large number of program blocks.

Programs with up to one million path points have been successfully processed. The short distances between the individual CNC path points, together with advance path planning with a range of 150 path points, result in substantial improvements in the path accuracy and continuous-path performance of a KUKA.CNC robot.

Familiar interface for fast programming

KUKA robots perform machining tasks like machine tools – and can be programmed like them too in G-code (DIN 66025) thanks to the KUKA.CNC user interface. Users understand them straight away, can create programs using a CAD/CAM process chain and, after simulation, execute them on the robot without having to compile them into the robot language. Already included: tool radius correction, sister tools and many other familiar CNC functions.
Extremely user-friendly: the user interface of the KUKA.CNC software

System requirements for KUKA.CNC

  • KR C4 robot controller
  • KUKA System Software 8.2
  • KUKA.PLC ProConOS 4-1 4.0
  • Standard laptop/PC
  • WorkVisual 2.1
  • KUKA.PLC Multiprog 5-35 4.0