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KUKA at EMO 2019

At EMO 2019, KUKA is presenting numerous automation solutions for the metalworking industry – from the new generation of the successful KR QUANTEC series and a number of robot cells to Industrie 4.0. The metalworking world will be meeting in Hanover from 16 to 21 September.

Visit us at EMO 2019: Hall 9, Booth C38

As it faces new challenges, the metal industry is on the lookout for efficient processes and technologies. Flexibility, process reliability, the shortage of skilled labor and digitalization are just a few keywords that are burning issues for the industry. At EMO 2019 in Hanover, automation specialist KUKA is presenting a wide range of solutions. This includes intelligent automation concepts, high-performance robot cells and Industrie 4.0 topics. The slogan of the appearance: “industrial intelligence in automation_products and expertise for the metalworking industry”.

The next generation: KUKA is setting new standards for the metal industry with the optimization of the KR QUANTEC series

The new KR QUANTEC is characterized by its quality, reliability, flexibility and cost-effectiveness – even in the metal industry. Whether for welding, deburring or applying adhesives or sealants, the all-rounder is a best-in-class solution. The “Motion Modes” software add-ons optimize the movements of the robot: The “Performance Mode”, for example, can be deployed universally – whether for spot welding or loading and unloading tasks. The “Path Mode”, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for laser welding, milling, brazing and adhesive bonding of seals.

The KR QUANTEC is a flexible production assistant in the metalworking industry – for example, in the role of a welding robot.

The KUKA Pre-Machining Cell: a precision all-round talent for foundry environments

The KUKA Pre-Machining Cell is a powerful solution for foundry environments which automates machining using industrial robots: The KUKA robot type KR160 R1570 nano removes feeders and gates, smooths mold joint burrs and trims core prints. During machining, it displays process stability and is extremely precise. The industrial robot is controlled by the KUKA KR C4 controller in combination with the KUKA.CNC 2.1 controller option. Its user interface has the typical operator control elements found in foundry environments.

KUKA linear robots link production steps in a large workspace

The new KUKA linear robots link production sequences to multiple CNC machines – for example, further processing systems, casting machines or machine tools. They perform tasks in the areas of loading and unloading as well as parts transportation and palletizing. Thanks to its reach, the linear robot is particularly suitable for use in large workspaces. The linear robots can be configured as needed and are easy to operate via the KUKA KR C4 control system.

Welcome to club_KUKA. Enjoy the show!

With the “club_KUKA Show Cell”, KUKA presents its first fully automatic robot band: Performing on the electric drums is a KR 3 AGILUS robot. A KR CYBERTECH nano operates the turntables. A KR 6 AGILUS robot accentuates the music with a light show using a levitation wand. During this, an LBR iiwa captures every second of the action using its camera. The show impresses through precision, speed and sensitivity – properties which are in constant demand in the metal industry.

The interaction of modern robotics

Cell for robot-based measurement ensures maximum precision

Together with the measuring technology experts at Mahr, KUKA developed a cell for robot-based measurement. High measurement reliability is ensured through automated component measurement and loading via robot. A KUKA KR 3 AGILUS robot is integrated into the cell. The small robot fits easily into the cell and is characterized by precision, agility and cost efficiency. The second component for the robot-guided measuring technology is the MarShaft Scope 750 plus measuring machine – a fully automatic optical shaft measuring system for testing rotationally symmetrical workpieces.

KUKA Mobile Platform 1500 for flexible production 

The omnidirectional KUKA Mobile Platform KMP 1500 is characterized by its short response times and high flexibility. The autonomous platform has an omnidirectional chassis, which enables it to move in any direction from a standing start. Thanks to the sophisticated wheel technology of the Mecanum chassis, the KUKA Mobile Platform can position itself with an accuracy of +/- 5 mm even in tight spaces. As a result, the omnidirectional automated guided platform can autonomously supply materials to robots and machines in a reliable and timely manner.

Industrie 4.0 at KUKA: leverage the advantages of networking

Digital manufacturing, networking, smart production – features of Industrie 4.0 are playing an ever-increasing role in the metalworking sector. Using three application examples, KUKA presents how Industrie 4.0 solutions can already support the metal industry today: In the club_KUKA Show Cell a digital twin is created. The Pre-Machining Cell saves the data on a cloud-based platform. And through its own production hall shaped by Industrie 4.0 in Augsburg, KUKA shows how digital manufacturing can be successfully implemented.

Discover Easy-to-program robot programming

Programming robots is not as complicated as is often assumed. KUKA will be demonstrating this at EMO and show how the combination of intuitive operation and industrial suitability can already look today. The application runs via KUKA.IconProg, a universal language for programming robot systems, based on plug & play technology. The basis for this is an icon-based image symbolism, with which an even simpler communication between humans and robots has been created. The system allows fast and flexible reaction to changes, easy programming and no knowledge of additional robot programming languages is required.