The KR AGILUS fivve is the fast five-axis robot from our small robot series. It achieves consistently high working speeds with the highest precision – and is extremely adaptable due to its low space requirement. 

Our KR AGILUS fivve robot is agile through and through. The robust five-axis robot can be installed on the ceiling or on the floor, meaning it requires very little space. Thanks to its integrated, internally routed energy supply and the tried-and-tested KR C4 compact controller, it guarantees precision and performance in the smallest of spaces. In addition, the safe robot functionality paves the way for innovative automation concepts.


Optimum utilization of the workspace

Thanks to its reach, the KR AGILUS fivve enables space-saving, cost-efficient cell concepts.

Consistent productivity

The KR AGILUS fivve has lifetime lubrication and therefore does not need to be re-lubricated. 

Reliable and precise  

The KR AGILUS fivve stands out due to its robustness and absolute precision. With its high repeatability and accuracy, it delivers manufacturing quality at the highest level.

Fast and efficient

Minimal cycle times at maximum speeds: this enables the KR AGILUS fivve to provide the highest level of process efficiency in handling tasks such as pick and place.

KR AGILUS fivve: small robot from KUKA with great strengths

The KR AGILUS fivve is the five-axis robot from our AGILUS series, providing very high working speeds.
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