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Proseat produces BMW seat covers with the automated KUKA laser system

Proseat, the leading manufacturer of foam parts for the automotive industry, relies on the expertise of KUKA Industries in the production of BMW seat covers. An automated CO2 laser system die-cuts the complex 3D geometries into shape. In contrast to the proposed method of punching, the laser achieves clean and precise cuts.

July 20, 2017

Unconventional automation solution for the automotive industry

Now Proseat has two KUKA laser systems. Every 50 seconds, the factory in Poland produces complete seat elements for BMW. The attempt to shape the complex 3D geometries with punching failed. The fabric frazzled.  A partner with know-how and experience for the implementation was quickly found: KUKA has been testing and developing processes at the subsidiary in Obernburg, Germany, for more than 20 years in order to process various materials as efficiently as possible. The first laser automation cell was created in 1998. And so Proseat was surprised by the automation specialist with the laser technology, which is rather unusual for non-metallic materials.

Automation at a glance

Due to the expertise of KUKA, Proseat can produce high-quality reclining seat elements. The solution: A CO2 laser robot with integrated beam guidance that can move dynamically and flexibly in all dimensions. The robot also achieves difficult interfaces. The technology: A laser sublimation process. In addition, the Augsburg-based company fitted the system with a turntable and filter system perfectly to the process. The advantages are obvious: costs and energy can be saved as the energy input of the KUKA CO2 laser robot is exactly matched to the respective machining process. The KRC 4 ROBOTstar robot controller is also part of the system. With this tool Proseat has a complete overview of the system and can easily control it.
Turntable with cutting unit and filter system

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