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Metalworking intelligently automated: Experience KUKA at AMB 2022

The international metalworking exhibition AMB will be taking off again from September 13 to 17, 2022, and KUKA will be there. Matching our motto "industrial intelligence in automation_maximum performance for machine tools", we will be presenting innovative robot and software solutions at the trade fair in Stuttgart, Germany, that will take the strain off companies and help them move forward.

What to expect

What can visitors to the KUKA booth at AMB particularly look forward to? Ricarda Weißenhorn asked Steffen Günther about this.

Getting the best out of machine tools

How can automation cushion the consequences of skills shortage, demographic change and the effects of the pandemic? Which tasks can be performed particularly efficiently with the support of robots? With which robot and automation solutions is KUKA already disburdening companies in the metalworking industry?
Get answers at our
booth C78 in Hall 6.

KUKA‘s Highlights at AMB 2022

Robots in action
Software benefits for you
Case studies

Strong support for your production: KUKA.PLC mxAutomation

With KUKA.PLC mxAutomation control software, external controllers can command KUKA robots with all basic motion commands. Robot and machine control merge - this makes it possible to integrate KUKA robots effortlessly into existing operating concepts. The connection to KUKA.ConveyorTech also enables robots to grip workpieces that are in motion. Discover the possibilities for your company.
For perfect interaction without your systems: KUKA.PLC mxAutomation.

Your automation solution with our software: solutions for the metalworking industry

The new iiQKA.OS operating system plus digital ecosystem supports you with a special software architecture that allows rapid deployment of updates and upgrades. A growing global network of automation suppliers, robotics experts, and software and process developers ensures ever-expanding functionality. Let us show you how the KUKA.Sim simulation software brings robot applications to life virtually, even before the system is up and running.

Machine tool loading in motion: KMR CYBERTECH in use at HELLER

Up close and personal with a successful KUKA pilot project: the Nürtingen-based company HELLER, a specialist in CNC machine tools for machining, uses the KMR CYBERTECH from KUKA to load and unload machine tools. The mobile platform, powered by omnidirectional technology, transports the required machining tools to the machine, the robot that's installed on the platform loads and unloads it. Find out how the KMR CYBERTECH mobile robot unit can relieve your team.
The KMR CYBERTECH combines the advantages of a mobile platform with the strengths of the KR CYBERTECH. It loads and unloads machine tools with convincing reliability and precision.

Taking components out of boxes - fast, without collision, singularity-free

Experience the market launch of the KUKA.SmartBinPicking software product at AMB. KUKA has set itself the goal of making robotics and path planning know-how available for bin picking applications as well. The decisive factor here is to be able to reach into the box without collisions and also to be able to act with the robot hand as close as possible to the component, making extensions on the robot flange a thing of the past. The KUKA.SmartBinPicking software builds on proven functionalities of the KUKA.Sim simulation environment and also makes the 3D function modules efficiently usable for the KUKA path planner within a consistent operating concept.

Customized sensor technology solution modules for your application

Using three practical applications, we also demonstrate sensor solutions for your technically challenging problems. With the KUKA vision and sensor technology function packages KUKA Vision.Toolkit, we have put together a modular function kit that makes it much easier and faster to implement applications. A construction kit consisting of various function blocks can be flexibly adapted to different customer requirements.

Among others, we present the following key features:

  • Use of 3D vision from Roboception and 2D vision KUKA.VisionTech as well as also the system from Cognex In-Sight
  • Use of additional sensor technology, such as light barriers or our force torque sensor technology KUKA.ForceTorqueControl
  • Integration of components from KUKA as well as third-party suppliers within the KUKA control cabinet of the KR C5, which also includes a PLC for cell safety, gripping technology and industrial PCs. Likewise, specific standards are also provided for bin picking from the energy supply system to the actual grip in the box

Gripping components quickly and precisely, without collisions or singularities: KUKA robots can do this with the help of the new KUKA.SmartBinPicking software.

KUKA is presenting several technical highlights at AMB this year, including mobile robotics, the bin picking cell and KUKA.PLC mxAutomation. Find out how our new product solutions can help you expand your production more efficiently and at the cutting edge of technology. We look forward to having exciting conversations at booth C78 in hall 6!

Steffen Günther, Global Business Development Manager – Plastics Industry and Machine Tool Automation (PMA), KUKA Deutschland GmbH