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KUKA cell4_FSW

Modular friction stir welding cell for highest process efficiency

Flexible KUKA friction stir welding (FSW) cell for maximum process efficiency 

The KUKA standard cells KUKA cell4_FSW were specially developed for the growing electromobility market. Thanks to their modular concept, they offer outstanding economic efficiency as well as maximum versatility and configuration options.

KUKA friction stir welding cell: the modern solution with low investment costs

  • Efficiency

    • Maximum process efficiency (up to 95%) thanks to two workstations in separate insertion areas
    • Cycle time neutral loading and unloading
    • High degree of standardization
  • Maximum versatility

    • Use for 2D & 3D welding tasks thanks to 6-axis robot
    • For various tasks in the field of e-mobility
  • Modular and flexible

    • Scalable solution with 1 or 2 robots
    • Arrangement of several clamping tools in the working area of the robot
    • Simultaneous welding of several robots for larger components
    • Simple customizing thanks to KUKA.HMI
  • Ready for Industry 4.0

    • Interfaces based on OPC UA for easy data exchange
    • KUKA Remote Service for quick help
KUKA robotics solutions for the environmentally friendly welding process: Robotic cell for friction stir welding, contract manufacturing, product portfolio for e-mobility.

Highly accurate, perfect weld seams thanks to precise path guidance

Ensuring a path accuracy up to 0.5 mm due to:
  • Use of special high-payload robots with high rigidity and long service life (KR FORTEC)
  • laser-supported precise path calibration to compensate for path deviations caused by the different stiffness in the working area of the robot and the influences of different process forces
  • Almost no rework thanks to special tooling

Modular FSW robot cell for product variety and flexible adaptation of your production capacities

The modular cell concept is based on the KUKA FSW application module with one or two robots (single-sided and double-sided welding) and is suitable, for example, for battery housings of hybrid vehicles, power electronics housings or heat exchangers.

Maximum FSW process control with new web visualization

The unique KUKA PCD 507 (Process Control and Documentation) system controls and documents all relevant process parameters during welding and has been transferred to the new intuitive KUKA.Web HMI. It thus guarantees:

  • 100% reproducibility
  • 100% quality monitoring in real time
  • 100% process reliability (minimization of rejects)
  • 100% documentation of the welding process


Process monitoring for all FSW path processes: Data export, process diagnosis and electronic archiving of all process data

KUKA friction stir welding cell in two variants: ideally matched to your requirements

Standard configurations:

Cell type KUKA cell4_FSW midsize single KR KUKA cell4_FSW large dual KR
(L x W x H)
5.600 mm x 5.400 mm x 3.500 mm 6.770 mm x 6.320 mm x 3.500 mm
Worktable surface
(L x W)
1.400 mm x 800 mm (2 pieces) 2.400 mm x 1.600 mm (2 pieces)
Installation area
(incl. cabinets)
28,2 m2 42,8 m2
(without clamping system and manipulator)
ca. 5.000 kg ca. 8.000 kg
Process control KUKA PCD 507 (optional)
Cell equipment Siemens TIA Portal series 1500, KUKA.SafeOperation, 2 rolling gates with protection against stepping behind and light curtain, polycarbonate fence with 1 or 2 maintenance door(s) and guard locking
FSW application module 1 x (FSW application module) 2 x (FSW application module)
Robot type KR FORTEC (KR 500 R2830 MT)
Robot controller KR C4 with KSS 8.6
Cell operation  KUKA.HMI Advanced (23,4“Display with IPC)

Option packages of KUKA cell4_FSW:

  • Process control PCD 507 with visualization on KUKA.HMI Advanced
  • Laser-based gestützte recognition of seam positions for automatic compensation of tolerances on the component
  • FSW tools
    • Tooling kit „rotating shoulder“
    • Tooling kit „stationary shoulder“
    • Special tools on request
  • Product-specific clamping systems
  • Service for laser-supported path calibration
The KUKA cell4_FSW friction stir welding cells can be combined as required with accessories for maximum flexibility.

We support you in the planning phase and offer flexible financing models

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