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The software enables KUKA robots to perceive their environment and to pick up and position objects autonomously with the aid of the KUKA _3D Perception sensor.  

Bin-picking application with KUKA integration

Perceive the environment, pick up products and subsequently position them at a different location: Use your KUKA robot to turn the concept of automated “bin picking” into a reality. In addition to the robot, you will need the following for this bin-picking application:

  • The KUKA.PerceptionTech robot software, 
  • the KUKA_3D Perception sensor and
  • the _3D Perception.BinPicking sensor software.

On account of their standardized interfaces, the KUKA _3D Perception sensor and the associated software are also compatible with other kinematic systems.

System recognizes gripping surfaces automatically

This combination of robot software, 3D sensor and sensor software makes it possible to recognize the smooth surfaces of a component as suitable gripping surfaces and to supply the robot with this information. The surfaces are identified automatically by the system. You cannot influence this as a user. 

In addition to the gripping surfaces in the six dimensions X, Y, Z and A, B, C, the container holding the components is also recognized. What’s more, the software additionally verifies the pick-up point on the component and ensures that there is no risk of a collision with the container. It is possible to parameterize the quality of the gripping surfaces manually with the aid of KUKA _3D Perception.BinPicking.

Easy start-up directly on the KUKA smartPAD 

The application is perfectly suited to the requirements posed by the logistics and consumer goods sectors, but it is also suitable for other industries and purposes. It can be launched on the KUKA smartPAD itself in just a few simple steps. No special image processing skills are required for this. All you have to do is:

  • Carry out the calibration process 
  • Conduct the object management for the components (SKUs) and containers (LCs)
  • Define the robot’s intended workspace
  • Perform a recognition test and optimize the parameters 
  • Adapt the example programs provided 

Automated gripping and positioning without external computing power

Your KUKA robot makes use of the KUKA _3D Perception sensor to automatically identify the appropriate surfaces it can use to grip non-mixed objects. The robot uses a suction gripper to pick up the objects and place them elsewhere. At no point in the application is external computing power required  all the data are processed directly in the sensor. 

The advantages of automated bin picking with KUKA at a glance 

  • Object management for LCs and SKUs

    You can make the load carrier and stock keeping unit settings yourself.

  • Inexpensive and effective application

    You can achieve a high level of productivity using this low-cost solution for bin picking of non-mixed parts.
  • Quick and easy start-up

    The bin-picking application can be configured directly on the smartPAD in just a few steps.
  • KUKA quality: everything from a single source 

    The complete KUKA package is a top-class, tailored solution comprising hardware and software.

Preconditions for the bin-picking application 

  • A KUKA robot equipped with KUKA System Software 8.5 and the KUKA.PerceptionTech robot software.
  • The KUKA _3D Perception sensor which makes real-time 3D perception, 3D measurement and positioning in space possible.
  • The KUKA _3D Perception.BinPicking software which is installed on the sensor itself.

Software activation 

It is necessary to follow a few steps to activate the KUKA _3D Perception.BinPicking sensor software before you can start up your application. To do so, all you need is the MAC address of your 3D sensor and the activation ID that comes with your bin-picking software.