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The KUKA.SmartBinPicking software offers the perfect combination of AI-based recognition of objects and precise path planning of the robot. With a single gripping operation, parts can be picked out of a bin at high speeds and without any collision.

Recognize, structure, grasp: that is how bin picking works

Reliably pick parts out of a bin without hitting the container: this can now be done automatically with the KUKA.SmartBinPicking technology package. Combined with vision recognition from Roboception, the software enables collision and singularity-free picking of parts from a bin by a six-axis KR AGILUS, KR CYBERTECH or KR IONTEC robot, for example.

Unsorted components pose no challenge

The 3D camera enables the randomly arranged objects to be recognized and prioritized. This means that the software structures which component it is best to pick and thus determines an optimal sequence. The integrated path planning calculates the collision-free path for bin picking including all angles to pick – part by part from the bin. By using the fifth axis, i.e. the robot wrist, for gripping, much more precise angles are possible.

Clear path to automation and Industrie 4.0

While the robot fetches a part from the bin with a highly precise gripping operation, the next path is already being planned in parallel. This shortens the cycle times. Processing of the 3D camera images and planning of the paths are performed on an external industrial PC on which a KUKA plug-in is installed. But the customer doesn’t have to bother about that, being supplied with a ready-made software package. Then the path to intelligent bin picking is clear.

Developed for you: convincing advantages with KUKA.SmartBinPicking software

The combination of AI-based part recognition with precise and parallel path planning provides the integrator or end user with an automated solution in industrial production:

  • Easy

    Easy configuration and operation via a web UI.
  • Fast

    Parallel, external path planning.
  • Effective

    Optimized path planning without collisions.
  • Intelligent

    AI-based recognition process based on CAD models.

Bin picking in operation: simple and highly efficient

Suitable for beginners

A simple workflow allows the implementation of bin picking solutions even for beginners. Users can create their projects flexibly.

Low integration effort

Thanks to predefined and compatible components, integration at the customer’s site does not require much effort. 

Automatic path planning

SmartPathPlanning plans the robot path highly efficiently without any singularities or collisions with the aim of emptying the bin as quickly as possible using the bin picking application.

Easy import from KUKA.Sim

The direct connection to configuration UIs via WorkVisual makes it easy to import the KUKA.Sim model in order to activate SmartPathPlanning.

Optimized object recognition

Workpiece recognition using artificial intelligence enables optimized recognition even in difficult scenarios.

Less downtime

Collision-free path planning, taking into account the entire structure of the robots, the gripper and the environment, avoids downtime.

Bin picking made simple

Complete solutions for bin picking applications

What role does artificial intelligence play in object recognition?

To achieve the best possible preparation for intelligent bin picking, a CAD model is loaded into a photorealistic simulation environment. There, the system is trained and the image optimized for all requirements by means of an extensive library, for example with regard to color reactions and lighting conditions. This automated process can run overnight so that the robotic application can be used the next day.
KUKA.Sim simulation software

Even more automation thanks to KUKA.Sim

The KUKA.Sim software package can be easily imported. This allows you to activate SmartPathPlanning, for example, and benefit from standardized collision models for robots, grippers and the environment.