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Smart simulation software for efficient offline programming of KUKA robots: with KUKA.Sim, you can optimize the operation of your systems and robots outside the production environment – quickly and easily.

More productivity, safety and competitiveness

The future-oriented KUKA.Sim software brings robot applications virtually to life – before the system has even been put into operation. The robot motion sequences programmed offline are depicted in real time and analyzed and optimized with regard to their cycle times. With features such as a reachability check and collision detection, you can make sure that robot programs and work cell layouts can really be implemented. Digital simulation thus offers maximum planning reliability for your manufacturing processes at minimum cost and effort. At the same time, production downtimes are kept as short as possible.

Simulation of a robot system in just a few minutes, without deep programming knowledge with KUKA.Sim

Simulation software KUKA.Sim enables simplified programming and optimization of your production

From offline programming to virtual commissioning

KUKA.Sim creates a digital twin and thus an identical image of the subsequent production process. The 3D simulation covers the entire planning process: from the design of the process to the visualization of material flows and bottlenecks to the PLC code. The data are 100 percent consistent, which means that the virtual controller and the real controller work with exactly the same data. In this way, KUKA.Sim creates the basis for virtual commissioning, so that new production lines can already be tested and optimized in advance. 

Convincing advantages of simulating production processes with KUKA.Sim

  • Time savings

    Plan your system and robot concepts quickly, easily and individually – without actually having to build them in the real world.

  • Increased sales

    KUKA.Sim helps your sales team to professionally present your solutions to end customers and to increase your sales success.

  • Planning reliability

    Design system concepts in advance with very accurate cycle times for increased planning reliability and competitiveness.

  • Verifiability

    The reachability check and collision detection features allow you to test the viability of your robot programs and cell layouts.

Maximum flexibility through modular software architecture

KUKA.Sim is based on a modular software architecture – with an efficient, flexible and durable toolbox principle. The basic package can be expanded with three add-ons: for powerful modeling of an individual component library, for virtual commissioning and for simulation of welding applications. This means customers only pay for the functional expansions they actually need. If their requirements change, users can easily add further add-ons in the future. The modular system stands out for its flexibility and durability. 

Directly after your successful registration you have access to numerous functions. After verification of your account, you will also receive company-specific information and benefits. This process serves the security of your individual login and can take a few days.

KUKA.Sim is the intelligent simulation software package for saving time, increasing sales and improving competitiveness in a fast-moving market.

Quirin Goerz, Chief Information Officer at KUKA 

Fast, simple and efficient with KUKA.Sim

Thanks to an intuitive user interface as well as a multitude of different functions and modules, KUKA.Sim is the optimum solution for maximum efficiency in offline programming. The simple yet powerful KRL editor (KUKA Robot Language) provides two views: for experts and for beginners. A visual program tree makes programming possible even without KRL knowledge, for example. You can create optimum layouts for your production systems at an early stage of the project. Simply drag the smart components from the extensive library and drop them in the required position. Investigate alternatives and verify concepts with a minimum of effort. Since motion execution takes place in real time, cycle times can be calculated precisely. At the end, the simulations can be provided in a variety of formats for almost any device: from mobile to desktop applications, from 2D to 3D. 

Experience robot simulations on mobile devices

KUKA.Sim enables you to enter the world of virtual reality. Using VR hardware (not included in the scope of supply), you can demonstrate your system concepts virtually – a highlight at any trade fair for your product presentations.

You can also easily display the simulation results on the go via the Mobile Viewer app on tablets or smartphones. Download the app from Google Play or the App Store.
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Feature updates for KUKA.Sim

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