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KP2-HV two-axis positioner

The compact and flexible KP2-HV allows optimal processing of workpieces weighing up to 500 kilograms and ensures maximum freedom in system planning.

Advantages of the compact KP2-HV two-axis positioner:

  • High flexibility: Thanks to its compact design and small footprint, the KP2-HV allows simple, flexible and space-saving integration.

  • Any installation position: The KP2-HV can be mounted in any position: on the floor, ceiling, wall or at an angle.

  • Optimal component accessibility: The large tilting range of ±135° and the streamlined contour ensure that the workpiece is always ideally positioned and accessible – e.g. for welding, milling or bonding.

  • High positional accuracy: With a pose repeatability of 0.009° per axis, the KP2-HV works precisely and reliably.

  • Central supply: The KP2-HV allows for the highly process-friendly supply of energy and fluids through the center of the face plate.

  • Simple work envelope enlargement: Optional, stackable booster frames, available in heights of 200 mm and 400 mm, enable individual loading heights – while fully retaining the tilting angle.
  • Insulated face plate: The face plates are electrically insulated as standard. This simplifies the integration process and improves the longevity of the positioner, particularly in the case of arc welding.
  • High weld power: Weld with up to 500 A and a duty cycle of 100%.

Data and variants of the KP2-HV

Positioners KP2-HV500

Rated payload

500 kg

Loading height

500 mm

Pose repeatability, axis 1


Pose repeatability, axis 2


Tilting range


Standard turning range


Turning range with energy supply system


Turning time, axis 1 (180°)

1.9 s 

 Turning time, axis 2 (180°/360°)

1.8 s / 3.1 s

Installation position

Floor, wall, ceiling, angle

Optional: rated welding current (100% duty cycle), infinitely rotating

500 A

Optional: rated welding current (60% duty cycle), infinitely rotating

590 A