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KUKA Invictus

Powerful, fast, precise: the friction welding machines for medium to large components impress with a forge force of up to 1500 kN – as well as with their enormous versatility. 

Powerful and versatile 

The KUKA Invictus product family provides impressive performance with friction welding machines in the medium forge-force range up to 1500 kN. Developed to meet the latest requirements for a wide range of applications, it is based on a systematic modularization approach and is particularly suited for large weld cross-sections with high forge-force and torque requirements. 

Overview of industries & applications

Invictus excels in numerous industries that require a high forge force and high torque, including:

Convincing advantages of the KUKA Invictus

  • Einfache Bedienung

    Powerful and fast

    • 80% higher spindle speed
    • Dynamic drives for high speed/load range
    • Headstock with unrivaled bearing technology
  • Genauigkeit

    Top weld quality

    • New bearing technology for high precision and reproducibility 
    • New self-centering center clamp
    • New machine bed optimized for stiffness 
  • Individuelle Komplettlösung

    Flexible application

    • Customized machine configuration
    • Simple component exchange and retrofit
    • Installation via crane and truck transport 
  • Servicefreundlichkeit


    • Easily accessible workspace
    • Simple operation via touch panel
  • Einfache Installation

    Low maintenance requirements

    • Use of durable components
    • Central lubrication for reduced lubrication requirements
    • Clear structure and good accessibility
  • Easy to automate

    • Simple cell automation
    • Loading from front or rear with robots or gantry solutions 
  • Industry 4.0

    • Fully monitored machine condition and welding process
    • OPC UA interface for data export and cloud-based data analysis
    • Greater productivity and data transparency
    Industrie 4.0 SmartProduction

KUKA Invictus 150: versatility redefined

The cost-effective, modular KUKA Invictus 150 replaces up to six friction welder models and raises common applications to a higher level of performance. It is designed for a forge force of 77 to 1500 kN, which covers a wide range of components and even replaces special machines such as the RS 120 HS or RS 300 HS. The “Viper Drive” feature even enables it to simulate inertia processes as a direct-drive machine

The KUKA Invictus 150 friction welding machine replaces up to six friction welders

KUKA Invictus 150 in detail

  • Transport-friendly design

    Plug & play integration of hydraulic and electrical equipment reduces the floor space requirement and simplifies transportation and installation. Lifting and transporting without removing enclosure elements. Outer module dimensions suitable for trucks.
  • User-friendly operator panel

    Touch screen operation with clearly structured menu navigation makes operator control of the Invictus 150 quick and intuitive thanks to the new HMI. A digital operating manual with search function and maintenance schedule increases user friendliness.
  • Improved quality monitoring

    Comprehensive reporting and data analytics

    • Numerical and graphical display of all process-relevant parameters
    • Comprehensive statistics for quality analysis and process optimization
    • Generation of preconfigured quality reports
    • Export via data interface
  • VIPER Drive

    The combination of a highly dynamic drive and process control in the 1 ms range allows the welding process to be controlled precisely for the component. In this way, inertia processes can also be simulated without a flywheel mass.
  • High-performance headstock

    Up to 80% higher spindle speed thanks to the new headstock with unique bearing technology and a high speed/load range with large spindle bore for mounting various clamping systems and components up to 240 mm in diameter

  • Turning unit with tool changer

    Facing and turning for component preparation and flash removal for one-shot production. The swarf is transported away via a conveyor integrated into the machine bed.
  • Ergonomic workspace

    Ergonomic and easily accessible workspace for components up to 3,900 mm in length and automatic operator doors for quick opening and closing.

KUKA Invictus 150 equipment packages

  • Short model variant with one door for short components
  • Automatically adjustable forge backstop (ABS) to reduce changeover work
  • Proportional control technology for clamping fixtures improves the clamping results and increases tool life 
  • Automatic temperature control of the headstock to eliminate the need for system warmups 
  • One-shot production with facing and turning for component preparation and flash removal 
  • EPE – Electronic positioning unit ensures precise relative orientation of welding parts 
  • VIPER Drive (virtual inertia welding) for reduced shortening and reduced welding times 
  • Active Travel Control (ATC) reduces variance for exact finished component lengths despite large variance in parts to be welded
  • Automation interface for integration of further peripheral equipment, such as loading/unloading robots or line integration 
  • Data matrix code interface for Industry 4.0 ensures seamless component tracking 
  • Weld data export for 100% quality assurance 
  • OPC UA interface for Industry 4.0, enabling data exchange for data analysis, process optimization and cost reduction
  • User management with EKS chip (EKS light) ensures safe operation

Our intuitive user interface stands out through

Welding process

User-friendly configuration and setting of the welding process

Data backup

Input and backup of data via a USB interface


Documentation of welding results through database, printer or PDF export

Parameter profiles

Graphical representation of current and archived parameter profiles

Control and monitoring

Millisecond-range control and monitoring of all parameters of the welding process

Quality management

Full traceability via data matrix code. Weld data are assigned to the individual components.

Program management

Management of up to 1,000 welding programs

Presentation of values and status

Plain-text display of actual values and parameters as well as current status

German Design Award 2023

Invictus combines the best of friction welding machines from the KUKA and Thompson product brands and stands for dynamism, precision and long service life.

Till Maier, Portfolio Manager and Project Manager for Advanced Welding Solutions.

Bundled in compact form!

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