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Corporate structure of KUKA AG

KUKA is one of the world’s leading specialists in automation. We offer our customers in many different industries the full range of products and services from a single source: from the robot component to manufacturing cells, turnkey systems and networked production with the aid of cloud-based IT tools.

In order to optimize our support for you to maximize your added value, we have bundled our extensive automation and digitization expertise in five business segments. Discover KUKA’s corporate structure on this page.


It is our passion to sustainably automate the manufacturing processes and shape the dynamic, technological change within the automotive and aerospace industry. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production and assembly solutions the KUKA business segment Systems is your reliable specialist for innovative joining and forming processes for a wide range of materials.

The perfect vehicle body: intelligent networking of robots enables efficient production.

Our core competencies are efficient Body-in-White joining processes, bonding and paint shop solutions and the final assembly of engines, e-drivelines, battery packs and modules as well as the transmission assembly.

For a highly flexible and scalable production we are developing and integrating autonomous guided vehicle systems. Moreover, we provide intelligent IIoT and virtual commissioning solutions for a profitable digital change of your industrial business. We are continuously developing our core business, creating technological innovations like human robot collaboration solutions and offering customer benefits as well as individual and innovative solutions.

From engineering, project management and systems implementation through to after-sales service – we are focused on our customers’ needs and best-in-class automation solutions.


The core components for the automation of manufacturing processes is supplied by KUKA Robotics.

From industrial robots with software and control to cells and customized manufacturing cells –KUKA Robotics offers customer-specific solutions to respond optimally to the individual requirements of its customers.

We provide automotive industry, electronics industry, food industry, healthcare sector and many other industries with suitable answers to their questions on intelligent automation.

Take a look at KUKA's comprehensive product portfolio in the field of robotics, software and service in the online catalog.

Powerful, efficient, flexible: KUKA has the right industrial robot for every task.

Our goal: To be the leading partner for robot-based automation. Robotics' focus areas include automotive, electronics, machine tool automation, consumer goods, plastics, medical technology, welding, foundry and forging industry.


Swisslog is shaping the future of logistics automation and transforming our customers’ order fulfillment and production operations to achieve maximum efficiency, flexibility and agility.

Our digital and robotics innovation means our automation solutions are always future-ready. By understanding and analyzing your data, we optimize the performance of your operation.

Fit for the future: optimize your warehouses and distribution centers with our automated intralogistics systems.

Our complete solutions include consulting, concept studies, project implementation, lifetime customer support, best-in-class technologies and warehouse management software, all tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

Focal points of Swisslog: Automated storage and retrieval system for pallets and small loads, conveying and transportation for an efficient flow of materials, auxiliary picking techniques for inventory management, picking principles such as person-to-goods, zone-to-zone and goods-to-person, fully automated robot-based picking solutions, modular and intelligent warehouse management software as well as end-to-end supply chain with urban fulfillment concepts.

Swisslog Healthcare

Swisslog Healthcare delivers material transport and medication management solutions that increase efficiency and enhance the patient experience in forward-thinking hospitals and health systems. Our solutions create space for the limited time resources of care professionals and enable them to be where they are needed most: With the patients.

Our product portfolio covers all steps of inpatient and outpatient medication management in hospitals.

More time for patients: automation boosts the efficiency of your processes and systems.

We are one of the leading global providers for both automation solutions for pharmacies and hospital logistics. These core technologies are networked through comprehensive software and analytics solutions.


With all four business segments in China, KUKA China is speeding up business in this dynamic market. The new production site in in Shunde, located in the South of China and a market-tailored product portfolio for Asia offers potential for global growth.