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Secure connection to the KUKA RemoteService Client

There is a fault. The system no longer works. The name of the game here is to act immediately – since unplanned downtime means economic losses. Quick help is offered by KUKA RemoteService: in the event of technical problems, the Augsburg-based company’s service technicians are there for you online – and, for RemoteService contract customers, this happens within a guaranteed response time.

December 22, 2017

The technicians do not travel to the machine, but rather the machine comes to the KUKA experts online. Usually, such access to view the system status and the displayed messages is sufficient to detect the fault and to eliminate it. The experts gain access via a direct connection to the KUKA RemoteService Client – the compact KUKA.Connectivity Box – which is built into every new system from KUKA Industries as standard. The technical equipment as well as KUKA RemoteService are provided free of charge during the warranty period.
Jumping in the car or quickly booking the next flight – getting to a customer’s system often requires traveling great distances. KUKA RemoteService with the KUKA.Connectivity Box provides a remedy for this as well as customer advantages: faster response times, shorter downtimes and simpler servicing and maintenance for the machines and systems through the support of experts online. The possibility of taking action more quickly saves time and thus costs since production can typically continue promptly. “If a malfunction occurs, we are able to be right there at the customer’s side – regardless of the location or time,” says Stefan Ampenberger, Customer Service Consultant at KUKA Industries.
For this, the system is linked via Ethernet connection to a KUKA Connectivity Box, which is in turn hooked up to the Internet. If no LAN connection is available, the KUKA.Connectivity Box can also be equipped with a UMTS data card via a USB stick. “The heartbeat allows us to ensure that we have continuous access to the data. We can therefore work more efficiently and offer our customers a better service,” states Ampenberger. The “heartbeat” is an automatic notification of the system status which is sent to KUKA once a day in order to ensure that the connection can be established in the event of a fault.
VPN TUNNEL Mobile connection
When required, KUKA experts can then access the current machine data for all system components once authorized by the customer. Of course, security is the top priority here: a secure VPN connection with end-to-end encryption protects against undesired third-party access. 

KUKA RemoteService: trailblazer for Industrie 4.0

Smart Factory: the networking of production and existing sequences is the lynchpin of Industrie 4.0. Collecting machine and system information, evaluating it and optimizing processes are necessary measures to remain competitive. “With KUKA RemoteService Client, we are laying the foundation for modern, networked production,” notes Stefan Ampenberger. Thanks to the KUKA.Connectivity Box, we have permanent access to the information of the customer system. Together with the KUKA SmartConnect cloud-based software platform, the collected data serve as the basis for further analysis. Faults and possible malfunctions can thus be detected early and avoided. In addition, predictive maintenance is possible, and processes can be optimized through the evaluation of the archived machine and system information.

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