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KMP 1500

The KMP 1500 is an omnidirectional, mobile platform that navigates autonomously and flexibly. Combined with the latest KUKA Sunrise controller, it provides modular, versatile and above all mobile production concepts for the industry of the future.

KMP 1500: the solution for a flexible production process

The KUKA KMP 1500 is our answer to the increasing demand of production departments for shorter response times and greater flexibility in their manufacturing concepts. Predefined routes and rigid processes are a thing of the past in the factory of the future. This is why KUKA develops intelligent, autonomous vehicles that supply materials to robots and machines with perfect timing. The KMP 1500 makes flexible production possible to an extent that has been unimaginable before.

The KMP 1500 is an autonomously controlled platform that integrates seamlessly into the production process. The vehicle is also excellently suited to the matrix body shop. The KMP 1500 independently and autonomously handles the transport of the products through all process steps.

This production concept from KUKA enables you to optimize your logistics management. The KMP 1500 provides cost-effective support for your warehouse organization or between manufacturing processes – and is used only as needed.

As a driverless transport vehicle with a precise lifting mechanism, the omnidirectional mobile platform navigates autonomously.

The KMP 1500 meets all required safety standards for driverless transport vehicles, offering high load capacity and maximum safety.

KUKA Mobile Platform 1500: your advantages

The KMP 1500 is an omnidirectional, mobile platform that is perfectly suited to the automation processes of Industrie 4.0.

Unrestricted and precise maneuvering

The KUKA omniMove drive technology allows the KMP 1500 to move in any direction from a standing position. The sophisticated wheel technology allows for precise positioning with an accuracy of +/- 5 mm even in tight spaces. This results in space-saving and highly precise automation solutions for logistics.

Car bodies with a weight of up to 1,500 kilograms are no problem for the KMP 1500.

Autonomous, flexible warehouse management

The KMP 1500 autonomously fetches the required components or returns them to the warehouse after processing. Thanks to the KUKA Navigation Solution, it can move about freely and without conventional guidance or navigation elements. This makes integration into modified environments much easier and increases efficiency in logistics management.

Strong, safe and reliable

With a payload capacity of up to 1500 kg, the KMP 1500 safely moves your products through the entire manufacturing process. It meets all necessary safety standards and is also extremely flexible. Integrated safety laser scanners enable autonomous navigation through your production shop.

KMP 1500: the next level of automation in production facilities 

The cornerstone of the KMP 1500 is the mobile platform. It features numerous characteristics that make it the perfect solution for flexible manufacturing processes:

  • Safety features: four Emergency Stops, blinker to indicate the direction of travel, LED signaling lamp and two laser scanners with safety and warning sensors for 360-degree monitoring
  • Energy and power supply: rechargeable Li-ion battery pack with 54 Ah capacity and a minimum operating time of three hours, can be charged via direct cable or floor contact plate
  • Wireless interfaces: configuration and programming possible without cables, remote control 
  • Hardware components: bodyshell, KUKA motor, rigid axle, swing axle, gearing for connection of the wheel system
  • KUKA Navigation Solution Basic: the sophisticated navigation system enables the mobile platform to navigate autonomously without risk of collision and without artificial markings.
  • KUKA Sunrise.OS: the integrated KUKA Sunrise.OS controller features all interfaces required for standard robots and is easy to expand.
  • KUKA Mecanum wheel: the KUKA omniMove drive technology based on the Mecanum wheel allows the KMP 1500 to move in any direction, ensuring that the KMP 1500 precisely navigates to the desired position even in tight spaces.

KMP 1500: optional components

The KMP 1500 is versatile and modular and can be expanded to include additional functions. The following features are optionally available:

  • Electronic lift system
  • Floor contact plate for charging
  • Charger up to 80A
  • Wireless remote control
  • Lith-ion expansion to 106 Ah for at least eight hours of operating time