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Set-up & Program Services 

Quick start-up, efficient robot programming and minimal installation costs – our experts will help you to integrate robots into your systems and machines with great expertise and professionalism.

We will support you throughout the entire programming and start-up phase

In the Set-up & Program phase, highly qualified service technicians take on the programming work, develop smart application solutions and ensure that the robots are installed seamlessly into your systems and put into operation. Thanks to our long-standing expertise, we can ensure that every start of production is successful and the quality level is right. Regardless of whether it's minor program changes or the implementation of a complex robot cell application – we can offer the right service for every project.

Get your robots up and running quickly with KUKA

Put your trust in the manufacturer's expertise to get your robot systems and machines up and running faster. Our service technicians will assist you with tasks such as initial start-up of the KUKA robot and robotic components, assembly work, offline programming and functional tests.

  • Minimizing start-up time

    By preparing the application offline and having expertise on site, the robot start-up is guaranteed to be quick.

  • Reducing operational risks

    Seamless system integration, programming and commissioning will reduce unnecessary project risks during operation.

  • Quick start to production 

    Highly qualified and experienced programmers and service technicians guarantee that your application will be implemented quickly and competently.

  • Maximizing the output of the robot system

    Error-free initial commissioning and proper configuration minimize wear and reduce maintenance costs.

Customized services for installation, start-up and programming of your robots and systems

Professional installation support

Our range of services is aimed at getting your production system up and running faster and more efficiently. To ensure that your machines and systems are commissioned on time, we offer a wide range of services from the outset. The customer service team will assist you in installing your robots and all equipment, including positioners and linear guides.
Our experts will not only support you in programming the applications, but will also be by your side on site to help you install the robotics. 

Support during start-up

We can guarantee that your industrial robots' operating parameters are configured precisely by ensuring a smooth start-up and professional installation process. This not only helps to extend the service life of the entire robot system, but also minimizes unexpected issues when components need to be replaced and significantly reduces the cost of subsequent maintenance.
When installing the robots, it is important to configure the operating parameters correctly. Our experts will support you with this. 

We program robots and PLC control systems

Our experienced robot and PLC programmers develop applications and program robots without interrupting the production process. We will support you in preparing product changes and start-up offline (creating a digital twin of production) or responding flexibly to short-term changes in the production process. You determine the programming requirements yourself:

  • Comprehensive cell and robot programming: from simulation to the ramp-up phase through to acceptance
  • Programming using a support contingent: support with your robot programming process via a flexible contingent
  • Hand-in-hand programming: transfer specific project phases of your automation system

Program robots in record time with KUKA.AppTech: offline and online programming dovetail perfectly

A standardized interface between the PLC and robot controller with a program library that integrators and advanced programmers can use to implement even complex applications. 

Software for seamless installation and start-up of KUKA robot systems

Do you need technical support right away?

Feel free to contact our customer service team. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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